"Ah, my sister Lin was in the miracle flower before."

"Hum, at first, Xiaoxue formed a group and was destroyed by a group of pigs in the entertainment company."
"Forget the shame flower before. The miracle flower horse will really bloom."
"Come on, light snow"
"The Xiaoxue support group has been established. Join us quickly."
"Wait for the real miracle flowers to bloom luxuriantly. Come on, Lin Jia and Jing Xue."
"After the road turned to powder, Sister Lin gave it to me to guard."
Seven singers’ appearances have been turned over, and it really is the rhythm that the appearance will be fired, and it is even worse to keep the mysterious top of the song, Miss Phoenix.
Weibo is wondering who Phoenix really is.
Reading in sections 131
"I don’t think much about it. It’s definitely a singer who goes against the sky one day. Teacher Huang Guolun feels that she was teasing us in front."
"I’m a little bird, Miss Phoenix is so naughty. At that time, I just laughed when I saw Mr. Han Shi crazy."
"Sister Phoenix, the bird of God, show your true colors quickly."
"I prefer foam. I feel so pure. Why haven’t I heard enough?"
"I didn’t see that the network didn’t come out when I spent some time editing live."
"I guess it’s Hong Kong Molimo Queen."
"Well, it’s estimated that only one of those days later won’t be wrong."
"If it’s not, it’s not that I haven’t guessed that none of them match. I think it’s a hidden young lady like Jing Xue."
The masked king’s frenzy set off this rhythm, which made the singers who failed to attend or ignored it envious.
Er, of course, our pit owner is a different kind of singer and guest. They all cheer and cheer in Weibo, and Su Luo Weibo is all the same.
"Dead pit goods, you come out and dig another hole without filling it."
"Death Pit Master, please give me that song completely."
"Don’t turn black tonight."
"If you don’t hand in the song powder tonight, turn black 15"
"Don’t pay the song powder to black 16 tonight.
Everyone is familiar with this rhythm, and so are suluo’s habitual feign death fans. It’s just a routine to come and go through a process, and the heartless pit owner will never appear.
After the blast, fans chatted with relish about the wonderful moments of masked king of songs in the message area.
"Sister Lin really eliminated the first-line singer Hu Fei."
"Miss Phoenix is the most malicious, right? Play the guessing team members completely, and no one can guess who she is."
"Yeah, Bubble and I are a little bird. It’s amazing."
"Hey, the worst thing is that our pit owner’s dead pit cargo suddenly comes to dig a pit everywhere from time to time. I have already called the police for this bad behavior of the pit owner."
"Ha ha"
"At that time, I was really scared. Suddenly, I went straight to the high notes and I was not stunned by the handsome."
"I don’t know whether suluo wrote a good song early or really improvised, but the scene was so touching that I saw tears."
"Haha, the song possessed in the field also exploded."
"Hey, how come the network hasn’t come out yet and can’t wait?"
"Report DreamWorks. com to update the video."
"You talk slowly and I’ll leave first."
"I’ll go first, too."
We have to watch such a wonderful program several times to enjoy it.
The audience poured into DreamWorks outlets crazily, listening to the explosion and enchantment once again.
The masked king of songs is really fascinating.
Chapter two hundred and forty A bloodbath music hit list
Also stay up late and brush the masked king of songs a few times. Not only netizens, but also many singers are brushing.
You don’t need to watch pure enjoyment. It’s all unnecessary. The whole program, urine point, with his eyes closed, just cut a fragment and it’s wonderful.
The next day, the world was covered with masked singers’ reports, which were even more exaggerated than the first issue and received rave reviews.
"This is the best music variety show in the history of national television, and none of it has completely surpassed me. I am a singer, and DreamWorks has once again let people see his charm.
There are too many impressive pictures, and each song makes the singers perform to the extreme. The most touching part is the cute little flower. From the quarrel to the final body, Lin Jingxue raised his glass. It is obvious that the root is not to arrange the drama, but to improvise and not to be real, but to live broadcast naturally. That picture is too warm and touching.
I have come here with the most perfect ending, but without suluo’s impromptu song, you have seen what the limit is and what China is the most coquettish.