She didn’t say much.


Making a mistake is making a mistake.
No matter how much you can make up for it, you can’t get back a living person.
Life will go on. Tens of thousands of people in Tianluan Temple are still relying on her.
"Let’s go back to the holy land of the clouds."
There is a simple wooden bed in the center of the main hall.
The bed is covered with white cloth, which is obviously the outline of a person.
A woman sat beside her, heartbroken.
"You killed Fenger!"
"You forced him to death!"
The woman tore her heart out and accused the Lord of sitting in the square Blackstone
The duke was silent, but there was still a trace of sadness in his eyes.
"Where are the people in Tianluan Temple?"
He chose to escape the woman’s accusation
"Back to the duke has withdrawing troops," said Uncle Wen.
He sighed to himself that what happened six years ago was the decision he regretted most.
The duke sighed heavily and then got up.
"My son protected the whole Blackstone City with his own life."
"How many mistakes he made during his lifetime should be resolved."
"Belong to the ancestral temple"
"to you"
The duke sighed again and turned with rickets.
"Let’s go our separate ways"
Chapter 117 The Dragon Lord is terrible
Yellow sand covered the sky.
Blinded my vision.
It’s like the core of a horrible sandstorm. If ordinary people stay here, they will be torn to pieces in an instant.
And a long line is struggling to move forward.
They wrapped themselves up, each with a strong breath.
The first is a tall figure in white armor.
He was wearing a helmet and carrying a pike in his armor, which was particularly conspicuous.
"The dragon Lord should be ahead!"
At this time, a bald man around the man shouted
"This is the last black sand python and the most powerful one. If we kill it, our cities will be safe!"
Baldheaded said tone is full of excitement.
Black sand python has always been a menace to several main cities in the west of the Nine Cities Alliance!
Every year, the black sand python will set off a terrible sandstorm and erode human settlements.
There are many brutal desert beasts in the sandstorm, and several monks have died tragically among them.
The black sand python is powerful, hidden in the depths of the desert and extremely difficult to deal with. It has always been the most headache for several cities.
Fortunately, a few years ago, the dragon Lord was born.
He led the Dragon Pavilion to sweep the major cities and made his name.
Later, after learning that the black sand day python resolutely rushed into the hinterland of the desert, it was necessary to sweep away this scourge for hundreds of years.
When he successfully killed the first black sand python, the name of the dragon master was completely heard in the west.
Call and answer!
After several years of fighting, the power of the dragon pavilion has become more and more powerful, and the main call of the dragon is getting higher and higher.
If he can kill this last black sand python king, then the western half of the Nine Cities Alliance will respect him!
The team moved on.
Suddenly the sandstorm disappeared in an instant.
They came to a land full of black gravel, which was the center of sandstorm.
A python hundreds of feet long is entrenched here.
The dragon Lord and his party just came in. It opened its eyes!
"kill! !”
With a roar, the dragon Lord took the lead in rushing to the pike and directly stabbed the head the size of the python room!
The python grows up and growls at the sky, and then bites into the background.
However, the pike suddenly became bigger like a heavy hammer hitting the center of the python’s nostrils.