Jiang Xue bud also didn’t think of yourself casually with a wave of his hand incredibly still true spirit force hit out.


Looking at the stunned expression of the silent moon, she froze and sneered, "Now you know I’m good. Tell you to mess with me again and I’ll waste you!"
Silent for a moment, the faint smile appeared on the lip corner.
"Is Wan’er really bad …" [
"Shut up!"
Jiang Xue Bud glared at him angrily. "Don’t call me little Wan’er …"
Now listen to him call her that … She feels sick!
"What’s that called? Wan’er? "
He smiled at her and walked towards her step by step without fear of death.
Jiang Xue Bud leng leng said, "Don’t come here or I’ll be rude to you …"
Because of that, it’s going to be quiet now, and she will feel uncomfortable when she comes near her.
Turn a deaf ear to the threat of the silent moon and continue to walk towards her
Looking at his cool look, Jiang Xue Bud was angry and ready to attack her.
The hand just stretched out and was grasped by the silent moon.
He pulled her into his arms with one hand.
Jiang Xue Bud found herself struggling again.
She looked down at the hair hanging on her chest and turned back to black.
No wonder Ji Yue Liu Yan dared to approach her.
"Silent moon, you bastard, let me go!"
Jiang Xue Bud struggled in his arms. She didn’t want to be touched by this disgusting man.
Even the smell of him made her feel so disgusting.
Ji Yue Liu Traces saw her struggling badly, and when her eyes flashed, she reached out and knocked on her back neck.
She was soft in his arms [
He held her and disappeared into the air with a silver light.
"Temple, why didn’t you just kill her?"
"In this way, the sound of the silent moon will be heartbroken. Didn’t you achieve your goal?"
Qingfeng building-
Fei Yue looked down at the girl lying in bed with a puzzled face. Section 96: She is really good.
"In this way, the sound of the silent moon will be heartbroken. Didn’t you achieve your goal?"
Qingfeng building-
Fei Yue looked down at the girl lying in bed with a puzzled expression on her face.
Ji Yue Liu Yan sat on the bed and stretched out his hand and gently touched Jiang Xue Bud’s cheek.
The expression looks a little deep. "Fei Yue, you have been with me since childhood. Do you think Wang will have no reason when making every decision?" [
He turned his head and his lips touched a light smile. "She’s not as simple as you think. There’s a lot to keep her."
Fei month frown not white asked "can have what place? She is an ordinary mortal temple. Didn’t she say that she wanted to let the silent moon sound taste the feeling of loneliness and pain? "
"If you kill this woman, won’t she be lonely and miserable?"
Ji Yue Liu Yan gently shook his head.
Got up and patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile, "Sometimes there is a better way to torture a person …"
"Wang has changed his mind now …"
"Do you think that if Wang lets Mu Wan love me and then lets Liuyin watch his favorite woman throw herself into my arms, is it better to torture than to kill Mu Wan?"
Fei Yue frowned and thought for a moment. Suddenly, a bright smile appeared on her lips.
"Yeah, so he must be more sad and painful …"
Silent Moon Liuji smiled and nodded and sighed, "But that’s not the most important thing. I asked you to inquire about things. How about it?"
Fei Yue leng mei’s eyes turned slightly and smiled and said, "All the girls in the flower world are going to visit the fox world today. That girl looks good as if she were like a cloud."
"It is even more rare to hear that the Queen of Flower World will give her the throne after her big wedding."
The silence of the silent moon for a long time suddenly evoked a meaningful smile.
"So she turned out to be great …"
Fei Yue nodded. "It is a great thing for the temple to marry her."
The trace of the silent moon smiled gently, and the charming and intoxicating wind flowed in the phoenix eyes. Section 97: What happened to him?
Fei Yue nodded. "It is a great thing for the temple to marry her."
Silent moon and faint smile, charming and intoxicating amorous feelings flow in phoenix eyes.
The thin lips opened slightly and uttered a series of beautiful extreme sounds. "If I marry her, it will not only encourage my power, but also make the sound grateful to me."
"Yes temple you charm a little flower princess can resist …"
The temple looks so beautiful and is good at making women happy [
Aren’t even those royal men and seductive women in the fox world fascinated by the temple?
There is a meaningful smile when there is no trace of the lonely moon.
It was a long time before he said softly, "Well, you go ahead and tell the cloud that I will go back later."
Fei Yue looked at Mu Wan lying in bed and asked, "Is this Mu Wan Hall ready for disposal?"
Ji Yue Liu Yan’s eyes flashed a different color Gherardini way: "Don’t worry about the king’s own discretion."
Fei Yue looked at the bed again and muttered something in her heart.
Temple bed … but never let other women lie down.