Benzema didn’t react, and he didn’t understand why the boss suddenly asked such a question.


"Ah?" He gave a conditioned response, and then there was no more.
"Your 100-meter speed is 0.1 second more than before, and your 30-meter sprint speed is 0.3 second slower than before! Your explosive power is declining. Can you tell me what’s going on? "
Benzema was speechless … but he couldn’t say. Because he really went to play with his teammates in the French national team …
There is a girl who is very hot and looks good. Benzema and she opened three rounds in the hotel room.
He even wondered if the boss had sent a private detective to spy on him. How else would he know what he had done?
Ever-victorious didn’t expect Benzema to answer his own questions. He snorted heavily and then called another person’s name.
"Kolarov … do you know why I want your name?"
Chang Sheng looked up and down at Kolarov, whose figure had changed slightly.
Kolarov is obviously haunted, too. He kept silent with his head down.
"If I say that you are in good health, I am talking nonsense. Look at your figure yourself. God, do you eat all the time during the holiday? "
Kolarov was always ridiculed and buried his head lower and lower.
Then Chang Sheng called the roll one by one and scolded all the players whose physical examination results were not satisfactory.
He taunted each other with tricks and made them feel ashamed.
Even if he is wrong, the person who is said can’t refute it. Because even if it is not this matter, it is also a bad thing.
They have played all kinds of bad habits this holiday.
During the winter break, they were seven points ahead of Inter Milan, the second place in the league, which made Lazio players relax and feel that the league is so much. They are sure to win the league title.
Therefore, this holiday, naturally, you can not care so much about the coach’s admonition and indulge yourself.
As professional players, why do you earn so much money? To enjoy a better life, of course!
What’s the point of making so much money if you can only eat boiled chicken every day during the holidays?
So, with this mentality, Lazio players have had a messy holiday …
Changsheng didn’t scold anyone wrong, not even one who was wronged.
Finally, Changsheng established a positive and typical image.
"If you can all be like Jose Passareira, I will worry a lot less. Jose was the only one whose physical fitness didn’t decline during the holiday, but improved! Look, look, this is an example! You should learn more from Passareira in the future! "
"It’s January 3rd, nine days before our first game this year and the 18th round of the League. During these nine days, all the people whose names I just read gave me physical training! I’ll tell you the truth first. I’ll only give you nine days. During these nine days, you must lose the excess fat on your body, so that you can return to the state before the holiday, or better. If I can’t, I’ll send players from the reserve team to participate in the game, and you can report to the reserve team for me! I tell you, don’t think I’m joking, I mean it! "
At that time, everyone was silent.
They all know the boss’s temper. He really means what he says, whether it’s good or bad, he will do it as long as he says it.
He said he would send us to the reserve team, and then he would really be sent to the reserve team …
When the training officially started, Lazio’s players fought bravely for the first place, and they were very serious from the beginning of warm-up training.
No one really wants to report to the reserves-what a shame!
So at the beginning of the new year, the curtain was opened with crazy physical training.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-nine Changes
Nine days is long or short.
When everyone is training hard, nine days will pass quickly.
In the blink of an eye, nine days passed.
Before deciding who can enter the big list, Changsheng made all the players do a side.
The results showed that three people failed to meet the standards.
Among these three people, there is also a main player Benzema.
Changsheng stood in front of Benzema, looking sorry.
Benzema also knew what was waiting for him, and he bowed his head.
"It was really that close, Karim." Changsheng said to him. "But I’m sorry, this is the rule, everyone should abide by it. So, go to the reserve team for a week first. When your body meets the requirements of the first team, I will let you come back. "
Benzema didn’t say anything. He already knew the style of the head coach. He is very concerned about discipline.
Originally, he thought that his assault for a few days would definitely reduce the fat content to a standard state and improve his explosive power.
I didn’t think so.
So Karim went to the reserve team to report. In the first game of the new year, Lazio played Genoa at home. The player who appeared in the starting right wing position was not Benzema, but cazorla.
Benzema didn’t even make the list. He watched the game in the stands.
Lazio beat Genoa 2-1 at home. Although cazorla didn’t score, he had an assist and was very active.
Benzema watched his teammates’ performance in the stands, and he knew that even if he returned to the first team, it did not mean that he could return to the main lineup immediately. In order to get the first team, he has to work harder and then snatch the first team position from cazorla …
The media didn’t question why Benzema didn’t play in the game, because Chang Sheng often plays rotation, and it’s not surprising that which player is on and which player is not normal. If you must ask, Chang Sheng will answer in all likelihood: "Because I am rotating."
What’s the point of such a question?
A week later, Benzema and two other players returned to the first team, and after examination, their bodies were up to standard.
Changsheng thinks this problem is solved.
The team will start the journey of the second half of the season with great fighting spirit.
The holiday situation is just an episode.
I didn’t expect him to find out later that everything actually started from that holiday.
Three days later, in the Coppa Italia, Lazio beat Reggina 3-0 at home and advanced to the quarter-finals.
Lazio, which has won seven consecutive victories in various competitions, looks just in time.
No one can stop them.
As a result, Lazio faced their first defeat in the league.