Although it was a blow, the beast god was seriously injured. At this time, Gao Chenyin came over again. "Now there is another chance!"


The beast god snorted coldly, but as far as he was concerned, he didn’t say a word. The beast attacked again. At this time, the beast god discovered that the face of the beast was completely disdainful and looked at him. The root of the move was an understatement. It looked like his opponent was not a god but a weak baby. To be honest, the beast god was angry. This time, the beast god seemed to forget the fact that the beast had seriously injured him just after a blow.
But he had to be angry. You know, the expression of the holy beast just doesn’t reassure him. God, his dignity doesn’t allow this to happen. His horse is ready to fight back. He also wants to give the holy beast a heavy memorial to let him know that he has to pay for belittling himself. But when he makes a move, he realizes that he is wrong and very wrong, and then he is deeply afraid! To be continued If you like this movie, you are welcome to vote for recommended votes and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. Chapter five hundred and ten News that makes the gods uneasy.
However, it was only when the half-beast god made an instant move that he was horrified to find that the beast seemed to be so slow and fast that he didn’t have a chance to dodge. This was not the general speed, but faster than he perceived his sight. Of course, not only that, but even if it was faster, the problem was not very big for the half-beast god. The real key was that this move solidified his side and made his roots unable to move. Although the beast seemed to be a breeze, it made the half-beast god avoid it and was seriously injured. After this blow, Gao Chen didn’t speak again and the beast didn’t stop.
Looking at the root, I didn’t stop. The sacred beast and the half-beast god felt the threat of death and became a god. The latter half-beast god never felt this way, but this moment was so clear. In an instant, the half-beast god suddenly thought of something, seized the last chance and chose to leave the burial temple. Everyone entered the burial temple once, and the chance was that he couldn’t go in again. Before that, the means to save his life was to come in this time, but even the half-beast god didn’t know whether he could leave this time. The good result didn’t disappoint him. Looking
After listening to the myth of the beast, everyone was horrified. At this time, everyone was horrified. One by one, everyone seemed to imagine how powerful the sacred beast was. There was such a powerful summoner. The wind was light and the clouds were light, and the powerful beast god almost lost. The difference between them would not be much.
Hu Jingsheng couldn’t believe it. "Is it really that powerful? He really belongs to this world and is a terran summoner. How is that possible?"
Everyone has the same idea, that is, how can it be so powerful? It’s just unreasonable. It’s like a person suddenly grows to be 10 meters tall. It’s simply impossible. But since the demigod said that, how can they not believe it? The news brought by the demigod shocked everyone for a while, and everyone seemed to be in a haze.
Even if Wen Shi ‘an had quietly arrived, no one paid any attention to him. It was more than an hour before everyone thought about what to do. It was time for them to be horrified again. That is, the vision of heaven and earth reappeared and a god was damaged!
At this time, Hu Jingsheng said, "This is absolutely impossible. If we go like this again, our gods will have to kill him!"
"Then what shall we do!" When his gods were also frightened, he could forget the danger because of the temptation of Longteng Temple, but it is no longer possible. Because the news brought by the half-beast god has told them that it is not that they forget, but the price is really too high. It is a complete loss, and now there are divine facts to tell them that even if they choose to forget this vision of heaven and earth, it will appear in their minds!
And their loss represents a genocide. This time, the loss of the gods is not that he doesn’t want to quit the Longteng Temple, but that Gao Chen’s half-beast god frowned after running out and said, "I didn’t expect them to go out again. If everyone plays like this, it can’t be done!"
With that, she returned to the control room with the sacred beast and fox feather shavings. Now fox feather shavings are really acting like a fragile little girl. When the sacred beast didn’t appear, she was the first beater of Gao Chen. But when the sacred beast appeared, she was completely idle, and the powerful god was instantly killed. This is not a level opponent, which makes fox feather shavings stay quietly and watch the sacred beast violently attack her opponent! …
Gao Chen appeared in the control room and then forced out the blood drop control stone tablet again. Although forcing out the blood drop seems nothing to Gao Chen, it can’t help but make Fox Ling Ru lose her heart again. You know, just these days, Fox Ling Ru didn’t know how many times she saw Gao Chen forcing out the blood. If it were changed, it would have collapsed and even fallen into a deep sleep. Even if it is powerful, as their gods are dead, it is called, but what they are most afraid of is the loss of blood and blood, which must consume a lot of world power and soul power to supplement it.
However, repairing JingXie consumes the world power, and it takes a hundred times to revive a flesh body, but even if it is a god, the world power is not limited, that is to say, this JingXie consumption is beyond their affordability, which is even more serious for them than physical death, and it is even harder for them to accept it. If it is their god, it would be even worse if it were an eleventh-order or twelfth-order guy. If they don’t have the world power, they will have to make up for it slowly by time, and this will take too long, and their physical quality will also decline during the period of losing JingXie.
In Gao Chen’s words, the performance of Gao Chen’s attribute degradation once again shocked the fox’s feathers and shavings. Although Nai signed a master-servant contract with Gao Chen, it doesn’t mean that she didn’t have his thoughts in her heart. Even if she has any dissatisfaction in her heart, it is impossible to show it. Gao Chen took control of the Longteng Temple and showed all kinds of magic after that, which made her look up Gao Chen.
But I still didn’t regard Gao Chen as a master. After all, she is such a powerful god, and her pride is not so easily crushed until the sacred beast appears. Although she is strong, she believes that her strength is worthless. She is a fragile little girl in front of the sacred beast, and she also knows that Gao Chen is not a sacred beast. Although the beast’s attack is not so good, his ability has long been proved. It is not that Fox Ling Ru can be underestimated!
After controlling the blood drop on the stone tablet, Gao Chen became a handprint, and at the same time, a huge amount of SPAR is constantly consuming the Longteng that he now controls. All of them are SPAR. Otherwise, relying on Gao Chen’s own strength, it is impossible to play the role of Longteng Temple. The strength required for each function is astronomical for Gao Chen. After a large number of handprints, Gao Chen turned pale and stopped. Lai Nai sighed, "It seems like this. No matter how hard you try, you can make them delay their exit for one second!"
This time, what Gao Chen has to do is to modify the rules so that those guys who come in can’t go out at any time if they want to, but after consuming JingXie and a lot of spar, Gao Chen sadly finds that this rule root can’t be changed. What Gao Chen does now is just to add some small rules to this rule. The result is to delay them for one second when they go out, but in any case, they still can’t get in and out!
See Gao Chen finish fox ling Rukou said, "One second is not short!"
Gao Chen nodded his head for a second. At least one second of the sacred beast’s hand is likely to be the loss of the ending. Gao Chen said, "Now we continue to hope to collect more gods as pets!"
Why does Gao Chen want to accept the gods as pets? Is it to increase certain strength? That is of course part of the reason, but it is not the most important. The existing four-story Longteng Temple will not benefit. Isn’t it a wave? What Gao Chen wants to do is to harvest the gods and leave them with four floors, which will give Gao Chen a steady stream of experience. If he can speak jargon, I don’t know if this is a hanging-up training! …
After Gao Chen handled it, he set out again. It was the gods where Gao Chen easily succumbed. Once again, a god was killed outside. After another vision of heaven and earth, these gods finally panicked. At this time, they also saw Wen Shi’ an. He looked at Wen Shi’ an and said, "Now what do you say!"
In fact, Wen Shi ‘an is in the best mood among the gods at this time, which is good news for him. It is always necessary to know that Gao Chen is an eleventh order, but now it seems that he seems to be in control of burying the temple that makes the gods feel scared, and now he can summon a summoner who can easily kill the gods. How can this make him unwilling? The potential of Gao Chen is that he has long known that Gao Chen can grow stronger than him. Wen Shi ‘an has no doubt that he did not expect that Gao Chen actually reached such a level so soon. Now what Gao Chen has done can be said to be finished.
However, when Hu Jingsheng asked him, Wen Shian did not dare to show that kind of happy expression because he knew that the gods were all angry at this time, and this was done by another person. If he still showed pride or if he didn’t add fuel to the fire, it would be unwise to set them all on fire, but at this time, Wen Shian could not help but say, "What do you want me to do!"
"It’s very simple to ask the Terran to hand over the burial temple. This definitely doesn’t belong to that race, and it doesn’t belong to that life. This belongs to our entire martial arts community!" Tiger respects the holy mouth! To be continued If you like this movie, you are welcome to vote for recommended votes and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. Chapter five hundred and eleven I believe you won’t let us down.
The requirement of respecting the sacred tiger seems simple and very righteous, but it is too much for Wen Shi’ an [yzuu point] Wen Shi’ an said faintly, "If you want to bury the temple, go in now and ask you to have that thing. This burial temple is also you!"
Wen Shi ‘an said this to a tiger-worshipping saint, but when Wen Shi ‘an said this, all the gods looked at him with a change of expression. Isn’t that to die at this time? Although Wen Shi ‘an’s answer was not at all polite, it was also expected that the tiger-worshipping saint said, "I know you don’t want to promise, but you’d better think it over. This is not about our two races, because you want to bring your whole race to the opposite side of our martial arts world."
The meaning of tiger worshipping saints is very obvious. Although I can’t say that I will exterminate your Terran, if I really want to fight against the whole martial arts world, the Terran can’t bear it.
This is the * * naked threat, but Wen Shi ‘an has to bear this threat. Although there were thirty races fighting the Terran at that time, at that time, neither one race really contributed, and even if it didn’t contribute, the Terran city was destroyed. It is conceivable that if they really want to force the Terran to exterminate, it is really at stake. If we are enemies with the whole martial arts world, then there will never be another Terran in this world.
But it is impossible for Wen Shi ‘an to promise him the conditions like this. Wen Shi ‘an looked at Hu Jingsheng and said seriously, "Hum, if you really want to destroy my Terran, no matter what we do, it won’t change it. If I really promise you everything, it will make it easier for you to achieve your goals. Don’t treat others so silly!"
At this time, his gods looked at Wen Shian, rather than at him. They all pushed the momentum to Wen Shian one by one, and when they read novels, they went to Ye yzuu ~ Youyuu Wen Shian couldn’t plague them. Although they were with the gods, dozens of gods were bullied. This is also the fact that those gods showed their attitude. Seeing this, Hu Jingsheng looked at Wen Shian seriously and said, "If we want to call out the buried temple, we can swear that we will never fight each other forever."
This is also a promise from the tiger, and he knows that Wen Shi ‘an can’t be so easy to promise, but he wants to come, even if Wen Shi ‘an doesn’t want to, he can choose to promise. After all, no race really dares to be the opposite of the whole martial arts world.
Wen Shi’ an thought it over carefully for a while, and at this time, he was under a lot of pressure and struggled to support it. After half a ring, he said, "It’s not up to me to hand over the burial temple!"
Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when Wen Shi ‘an said this. To tell the truth, what they are most afraid of is that Wen Shi ‘an won’t promise anything. After all, there is still no way for them to take Gao Chen. Now that Wen Shi ‘an is negotiable, that’s all. This means that Wen Shi ‘an also has scruples about respecting the sacred tiger seriously. "It’s not your call, but I’m sure you can influence his thoughts to a certain extent. This burial temple must never belong to a certain race. Of course, after that, your terran can make it belong to the whole martial arts world. It should be
Tiger’s sacred words are indeed straightforward, but everyone knows that they are just words. But what will happen if Gao Chen hands over the Longteng Temple is not clear now. Wen Shi’ an shook his head and said, "I can’t guarantee this!" …
Although he knows that this matter must be handled well, Wen Shi ‘an still can’t easily promise. After all, he also knows that Hu Jingsheng can listen to it now, but he can’t take it seriously. [] Of course, the most important point is that this Longteng Temple is Gao Chen’s hand. He still doesn’t know what is going on. Some things can’t be delivered up. After all, once you recognize the main root, you can’t recognize the Lord again.
These gods looked at each other, and then Tiger Jingsheng said, "I know it’s a little difficult for you to promise at this time, but I still hope you can give everyone a satisfactory answer. This is beneficial to everyone, otherwise it’s not good for everyone. I believe you will make a wise choice, right!"
This is definitely not a threat. Wen Shi ‘an knows that controlling the Longteng Temple is equivalent to controlling the lives of these gods. You know that the Longteng Temple appears every 60 million years, but it is mandatory. If Gao Chen also controls this function at that time, it is equivalent to controlling these gods’ life and death. For example, these gods will not let this day appear. Wen Shi ‘an certainly knows how serious this is. He thought, "I can say that I will try my best, but it is not for me to decide what the final result will be!"
Tiger Jingsheng looked at Wenshi ‘an for a while without speaking, and Wenshi ‘an looked at tiger Jingsheng in this way. After the scene was deadlocked for half a ring, tiger Jingsheng said, "In this case, you will not let us down if you go in, won’t you?"
Wen Shi ‘an nodded and said, "I want everyone to be satisfied, and I don’t want to see the war!" "
This is said, but a few people believe that this is a big problem. If you want everyone to be satisfied, it is simply impossible for Wen Shi ‘an to directly enter the Longteng Temple in their eyes. Just as Wen Shi ‘an just entered the Longteng Temple, every time a god withdrew from the Longteng Temple and appeared in the martial arts world, but he was even more unbearable than the beast god. When he saw him like this, he said, "We can’t go like this. At that time, we will negotiate everything!"
"What do you think we should do now? Do you dare to go in!" In this case, there are still gods who dare to go in. If you go in, you will be lucky enough to come out with a breath, but if you are unlucky, you will lose it directly.
If the danger is uncertain, everyone can put it in and then go in, but it is known that if you go in, you will die. There are still people who will go to Tiger Jingsheng to look at the mouth of the stork. "We dare not go in one by one now, so let them all die!"
After tiger’s sacred words, another god came out and said, "Now this burial temple has become a real burial place. No matter who goes in, it is very dangerous to die. Who will do it!"
Tiger Jingsheng looked at the god and nodded, then said, "But what do we do now? Don’t really care if they let them die!"
The god thought for a while, "I think there is a way to control the Terran now so that we can really negotiate with him!" "