Reyes officially dropped out of school at the age of 14-even before that, he had never been to school several times, even physical education class failed, and he could hardly read or write.


At the age of ten, Reyes’ father took him to the Seville youth team. At the age of twelve, his father found him an agent-jesus Rodriguez de Moya Comte. In a sense, this is about the only "prospective" and "rich relative" in their family, because this jesus’s father, the old sports agent jesus, has something to do with Reyes’ father in the past and is regarded as his benefactor. And this Mr. jesus, seeing the future of a lot of money from Reyes, immediately agreed.
In 1999, Reyes signed his first professional contract. When he was sixteen, he was selected for the Spanish youth team under seventeen. And football is still everything in his life. After leaving the stadium, his only removal is to go home, and his family is still completely manipulating him.
He is too shy to speak, he doesn’t know how to organize words and sentences, he doesn’t know the topics of his peers, and he doesn’t know the topics of older players-and even in Seville, his country accent is still ridiculed, so it makes him speak less.
As soon as the training is over, he goes home and goes to bed at ten o’clock every night. He never drinks water and never touches any alcohol. One of his teammates once described his life like this: "Training, going home, eating, sleeping, and then training."
Such a dull personality makes it difficult for him to practice his girlfriend. Although his appearance is not bad.
At the age of eighteen, he made his first girlfriend in his life. But they broke up soon, and his girlfriend complained that their only coexistence was to sit together and watch TV, and Reyes kicked her out of the house at 10 o’clock every night because Reyes was going to bed on time …
When Chang Sheng saw this gossip, he was dumbfounded and thought he saw the primitive man … No, even the primitive man was better than him. At the very least, people had primitive "animal desires."
And Reyes?
When Reyes moved to Arsenal, he had high hopes, but in the end he lived a miserable life in London.
He was slow to integrate into Wenger’s tactics, and his performance at Arsenal fluctuated. At good times, people felt that it was a good deal, and at bad times, people felt that it was a big parallel.
Finally, he left Arsenal and returned to Spain.
Many people think that the reason for his failure in London, besides the bad weather in England, is probably his character.
Reyes is weak and doesn’t like competition.
Such a player can be a well-deserved core in a small team and perform well. This is because the competition of the small team is not fierce enough, and he can play freely.
But when he goes to a big team like Arsenal and Real Madrid, he will get lost in the fierce competition. His personality makes him choose to avoid the fierce competition.
Among the giants, such an approach is basically tantamount to seasoned road.
Therefore, even if he did well in the season when he was loaned to Real Madrid and scored the key goal that ultimately decided the title of Real Madrid League, it didn’t make him stay in Real Madrid successfully.
There is an example that can fully illustrate Reyes’ character.
When he moved from Seville to Arsenal, he was crying at the airport alone. After arriving in London, facing several generations of Arsenal staff at the airport, Reyes was tongue-tied-the only English poem he could speak, "Hello", and tears were rolling in his eyes. Arsenal’s coach was shocked when he saw this, arranged an interpreter and called Reyes’ parents and brother urgently …
As a result, everything seems to have not changed, and it is still a Spanish family. Everything in the family is Spanish-style, from furniture to family to the image of the Virgin Mary. Reyes is a devout believer in Maria.
A person who is so homesick often lacks effort and fighting spirit.
After knowing these things, Changsheng knows Reyes’ character clearly.
Reyes is doing well now because he has not accepted the real challenge.
Defense is not as simple as three people defending one person.
Ever-victorious heart already has a dispute.
In the second half, because the two sides changed sides, getafe’s right, that is, Seville’s left, was right in front of the coach seats of the host and guest.
Therefore, Chang Sheng can often see Reyes pass in front of him again and again like lightning, and then play with poor Rondo.
The coach’s seat at Pisjuan Stadium is also very close to the stadium.
Standing on the outermost edge of the command area, Chang Sheng can hear the muffled hum from the noses of the players when they collide.
So conversely, players who are active here can naturally hear his voice.
So when Reyes took the ball and killed Rondo and gimenez, Changsheng shouted behind him: "Shovel his leg! Shovel his leg! !”
Loud, he was sure that Reyes must have heard it.
However, Reyes was not affected at all. He scored with a beautiful human ball and drilled between Rondo and gimenez.
Rondo was startled, and his reaction was obviously slow by half a beat. When he reacted and turned to pounce, people had already made a cross.
Fortunately, canizares, the captain of getafe, pushed the football out this time, otherwise it would definitely be another danger …