ChuNingZhao light caught a glimpse of Zheng Nuo "a few? You are not afraid of kidney deficiency. "


"Hum, master, I’m in good health." In fact, Zheng Nuogen is just playing. There has been no one else around him for a long time
Because of the reason, the dude in the circle is puzzled anyway, and he can’t understand how Master Zheng suddenly turned to sex and didn’t hook up with women. He suddenly became self-cultivation.
In this regard, Zheng Nuo’s external rhetoric is unified "thinking about the body."
However, no one in Reagan believed that Master Zheng had lost his health and wanted to cultivate his morality.
Absolutely impossible!
So for other reasons, people in the circle have not found the correct answer so far, but those people also want to find out Zheng Nuo’s secret sooner or later
Chenchi went to a quiet place to answer the phone. Fortunately, Zheng Nuo has better sound insulation facilities here, so you can’t hear crazy music outside if you want the doorbase.
"Why haven’t you slept yet?" When Chenchi just looked at it, Qingchen should have slept at this time.
If it weren’t for ChuNingZhao’s appointment, he was going to sleep after reading the information for a while.
"Are you asleep?" Qing Chen never took the initiative to call Chen Chi at this time, and she felt somewhat uneasy.
"Not yet" Chen Chi smiled in a low voice.
Qingchen was relieved that when she called, she was afraid that her lips and teeth were asleep and would disturb him.
"Well, I just want to tell you something," said Qingchen.
"How to call me at this time to say things don’t want to tell me … confession? Huh? " Chenchi jokingly laughed.
Qingchen "… then I’d better hang up. Bye-bye"
"Don’t hang up," Chenchi said quickly. "I won’t tease you. Tell me if there’s anything. I’m listening."
"Well, the thing is, I just thought about calling me." Qingchen thought about talking and chatting with people because she was completely sleepy just now, but after her finger slipped in the phone address book, Qingchen felt that the person she wanted to call most was Chenchi.
"What did she call you and say?" In fact, Chen Chi has almost guessed what Qing Chen is going to say at this time. After all, the other protagonist of the event has just been in front of him.
So Qingchen told Chenchi what Sisi told her, and then struggled to ask, "You are friends with Chuningzhao, and you know him better. Why do you say Chuningzhao should tell Sisi like that? I was in a strange mood when I talked to Sisi … Alas, even if I complained to you, you don’t have to answer me. After all, it’s their business, and we can’t control it. I’m afraid Sisi will think. "
Qingchen is sincere to her friends, and she will be distracted by thinking.
It’s not too short for Qingchen to know Sisi. She feels that she still knows Sisi very well. She is not as strong as she seems. She has to take care of her children because she has to pretend to be very strong. But in fact, her heart is very fragile, especially because of Chu Ningzhao’s things. In fact, she has suffered a lot in those years with Chu Ningzhao, but she never said that her feelings are clear, but Sisi didn’t often complain to her. She has been suffering silently.
But now that ChuNingZhao appears, Qingchen can’t help but worry. She’s afraid that ChuNingZhao will think that all these years of strength have been destroyed.
Strength is destroyed.
"ChuNingZhao also told me this thing just now," Chen Chi said.
"What? Chun Ningzhao also told you? "
"Well, he said," Chen Chi said, "Qing Chen Chu Ningzhao didn’t care as you think. It was because their situation was too complicated and Chu Ningzhao was not white."
"Why not?"
"He didn’t get along with Sisi in vain," replied Chenchi, "but it’s enough for you to believe that he won’t hurt Sisi."
"Well, although I really don’t know what happened, since you say so, I will believe you." Qingchen sighed.
She can see those sad feelings, but there are not many solutions, because the only person who can solve all the worries is Chu Ningzhao.
"Green morning" Chen Chi suddenly smiled again. "You are so thoughtful that it is better to …"
"Why don’t you note me again?" Chen Chi smiled very gently and deeply, which made the other end of Qing Chen blush with shame.
Qingchen said, "I thought we agreed not to have this!"
"Is there?" Chen Chi decided to cheat. Anyway, what he promised just now doesn’t count now.
"Chenchi you!" Qingchen’s ears are red and she plans to hang up directly.
"Well, go to bed early and don’t worry about it." Chen Chixiao has a calming effect on Qing Chen, which really calms her down because of thinking.
"Then I’ll sleep. Good night."
"Well, good night."
Chenchi hung up in Qingchen and stayed there for a while before going back.
Zheng Nuo saw Chen Chi coming back. Long and narrow phoenix’s eyes were full of ridicule. "Yo, master Chen is back in love."