On the court, now this Atletico Madrid has lost their golden boy.


Disappointed with the team, Torres went to Chelsea.
Now this Atletico Madrid striker is Fran.
Because Changsheng didn’t respond, Little Hill couldn’t use his dead dad to boost the team’s morale.
This game is not as intense and hot as people think.
Except that the fans in the stands were very excited.
In the 24th minute, Atletico Madrid, which played at home, took the lead in breaking the deadlock. Their striker Fran received Simao’s pass at the front of the restricted area, turned around and volleyed, and the football went into the net!
The stadium of Calderon rang with cheers from Atletico Madrid fans.
They rushed to the first row of the stands and waved their fists to demonstrate to Lazio.
"Look! Look at that! This is the power of our Atletico Madrid! "
"Go back to Italy! Madrid is not a place where you can run wild! "
"You can beat Real Madrid, but you can’t beat us!"
The whole stadium in Calderon is filled with the roar of Atletico Madrid fans.
"Atletico Madrid fans are so excited because they are ahead of Lazio, which is often led by Lazio!"
The commentator also shouted loudly. They can’t help but speak loudly, because if they don’t raise the volume, they can’t even hear themselves clearly!
Atletico Madrid fans have gone completely insane!
The live TV broadcast gave Chang Sheng a close-up shot, in which Chang Sheng was expressionless and stood on the sidelines with his hands in his pockets.
"It often seems that I am not worried about the backwardness of my team …"
The commentator was right, and Changsheng was really not worried.
Atletico Madrid is so crazy that it proves that they have demons.
With demons, they can’t keep calm.
Before the game, Chang Sheng explained to his players what they might encounter in this game.
Against Atletico Madrid, the opponent will be very crazy.
They may score goals or even take the lead in the game.
But there’s nothing to be afraid of. If Atletico Madrid leads, it will be bad for them. Because they will relax.
Chang Sheng told his players to keep calm no matter what happened in the game. All kinds of voices in Calderon Stadium can’t interfere with them.
It is precisely because of this exhortation that Lazio players are very calm after falling behind.
After the game resumed, in the face of Atletico Madrid’s constant offensive, they held on to the defense line and prevented Atletico Madrid from scoring another point.
When Atletico Madrid found that their attack could not break Lazio’s goal again, they slowed down.
Although we can’t lead by two goals, it’s a good result to lead.
They should now enjoy the wonderful moment of this goal leading.
When Chang Sheng found that Atletico Madrid Keith slowed down, he went to the sidelines and squatted down.
He didn’t make any gestures or make a hullabaloo about, but the Lazio players knew what they should do.
When the boss squatted down, he thought they were going to blow the attack horn!
Lazio can always easily play from the backcourt to the frontcourt by using their skillful passing and ball control skills, and besiege the restricted area of Atletico Madrid.
One to two, Atletico Madrid felt the pressure.
They are now stepping up the pace and pushing Lazio back to their own half.
But the effect is not good.
In the 39th minute, Lazio made use of a series of shots and finally got a corner kick.
Jose Passareira and Pa Wen both stood in front of the goal.
Modric kicks the corner, Jose Passareira rushes forward, and Pa Wen rushes straight to the goal.
The defenders of Atletico Madrid suddenly thought that Passareira attracted their defensive attention, but the real kill was Pa Wen!
So only one person followed Passareira to the front, and the others stayed in the middle.
As a result, Jose Passareira jumped high and nodded the ball before him!
He won the football!
The Atletico Madrid player who ran with Passareira didn’t jump either. He also thought the other side was a cover …
I didn’t think it was a cover at all, Jose Passareira was serious!
The football flew into the goal without anyone expecting it!
The goalkeeper Franco didn’t make a save at all, so he watched the football fly all over his goal …
"Jose Passareira! He even the score! Beautiful lion shakes his head! "
In the cheers of the commentator, Jose Passareira landed, then raised his arm and pointed to the sky. His teammates quickly rushed up and hugged him, but the hand was still pointing to the sky.
In the previous games, Aunt Maria and the Atletico fans around them kept cursing and winning. When Fran scored the lead for Atletico Madrid, they jumped up, shouted and jumped, still cursing and winning, but cursing louder and more ugly.
Now that Jose Passareira has scored, they have all faded.
It’s aunt Maria’s turn. They jumped up and cheered.
"Beautiful, Jose! !”
The nearby Atletico Madrid fans noticed them and glared at them.
The two men were a little embarrassed, but Aunt Maria looked at each other coldly and glared at each other and shouted, "What are you looking at? Never seen cheering for Madrid players? !”
Jose Passareira, a native of Madrid, is naturally a Madrid player. It seems reasonable to say that you are happy with his performance …