Then when I found the second bush, I was lucky to find an oasis after crossing the country.

There is a lot of food in the oasis. There are rattlesnakes, scorpions, vultures, lizards, gerbils. These things are impossible to eat off-road in normal times, but in special circumstances, these things are simply a gift from the gods. There is a small lake in the oasis that has a lot of plant food.
The cross-country camped in the oasis, ready to restore one’s strength before trying to leave this desert.
For a few days, there was a lack of water and food, and even cross-country training couldn’t be centered. Nowadays, the mental energy in the Yin dun brand is almost exhausted, and the physical injury is faint and stable. Unfortunately, due to the crushing of meridians, cross-country training can’t reshape meridians, and you can think about practicing Yang dun hermetic in the desert and opening up your own human body secret cultivation road.
And when practicing in the desert, the spiritual energy in the dark escape brand will soon be restored with cross-country practice
With enough food and enough water, the spiritual energy inside the yin dun brand was restored. Looking at the horizon, the corner of the mouth raised a faint smile and began to live in seclusion in the desert.
However, people will always be social animals. It may happen in the novel to let a person return to the real world after practicing in the mountains for a few years.
After living for just half a month, I feel like I’m going crazy after crossing the country.
Even when practicing, the feeling of irritability is full of cross-country heart. He is really afraid that he will die in the desert because of "average computer virus" if he can’t suppress his irritability when practicing one day.
In order to pass the chat, the cross-country began to separate the shadows and communicate with themselves.
But the more cross-country like this, the more irritable it is.
After all, it’s also very interesting to communicate with yourself. I’m thinking about whether to raise biological pets such as rattlesnakes, lizards, vultures and gerbils to accompany me through this refuge.
However, although life in the desert is very chatty, nowadays, it’s a bit of a mental illness to switch to the occult technique, but even the cross-country has to admit that this desert is really good, and it’s impossible for a ninja without strength to step into it, and it’s also impossible for a ninja with strength to step into it and search for his trace in a short time.
In this way, first, a rattlesnake pet was raised, and then a vulture pet was raised. Finally, I suppressed my irritability and started to practice in this shelter. This way, my life soon lasted for half a year. After half a year, cross-country vaguely grasped the ability to absorb the strength of two tails and travel sources, thinking that horses would begin to absorb the strength of two tails and travel sources. Cross-country is secretly pleased to think that it has been penalizing in the desert for half a year or taking refuge for half a year or gaining something.
Who wants to start to absorb the strength of two tails and travel sources just one second before cross-country to further enhance their self-cultivation accomplishments?
One second later!
A figure in the desert suddenly caught off-road attention!
"Who is it?"
Chapter 498 Monks ()
Half a year’s penance in the desert, although cross-country failed to swallow up the strength of the two tails and the source of travel, he still made progress in three main aspects.
The first point is to master the occult technique of Yin dun.
Half a year ago, cross-country completed the three-stage coagulation and four-stage coagulation with the help of the two-tailed and traveling brand. Because of lack of time, it has been in a state of injury. Cross-country failed to dig out the three-stage coagulation ability and four-stage coagulation ability. When cross-country has enough in the desert for half a year, if it has not been able to dig out the three-stage coagulation ability and four-stage coagulation ability, it will be a waste of half a year.
First of all, let’s talk about the three-stage coagulation ability of Yin dun branding
Speaking of cross-country three-stage condensation and brand avoidance ability, we still need to thank Erwei for traveling again.
Because when cross-country mining Yin dun brand three-stage coagulation ability, cross-country impressively found that his Yin dun brand three-stage coagulation ability is the ghost fire!
That’s his two-tailed, two-legged, three-stage condensation ability, which is to weaken the ghost fire.
The real ghost fire is dark blue. If Erwei travels personally, it also contains strange black breath, but it can burn the spirit energy breath. The ghost fire mastered by the wooden man is slightly weaker because he didn’t follow the tail cow ghost column strength as in the original plot, but it only hurts the spirit energy ability. It is not as horrible as Erwei travels to master the ghost fire, but the color is light blue.
And the ghost fire mastered by the cross-country yin dun brand three-stage condensation is light blue.
Maybe the light blue ghost fire holds the real ghost fire in the way that it travels at the end of the tail, but it is an improvement to be able to master the ghost fire initially in cross-country. What’s more, cross-country has the possibility of devouring the tail and traveling at the source. If it can devour the tail and traveling at the source, his ghost fire may evolve again.
Secondly, it is necessary to talk about the four-stage coagulation ability of yin dun branding
The four-stage cross-country coagulation relies on the strength of the whirlpool clan to successfully complete the coagulation. Because of this, the four-stage coagulation ability of cross-country yin dun branding is biased towards the auxiliary ability. For example, cross-country can make spiritual communication without shadow communication, and it is like being able to peek at other people’s spiritual communication ability and reading other people’s memory ability. This is the four-stage coagulation ability of cross-country yin dun branding.
Finally, there is always a cross-country ability to avoid branding.
That is, Yin dun branded the body shape and benefited from spiritual energy, so that the first ability of shadow escaping occultism can devour other people’s spiritual energy "Northern Ghost", the second ability can purify others’ miscellaneous spiritual energy "Phase", the third ability can benefit spiritual energy "Distance" for spiritual communication and peep at other people’s spiritual communication and memory ability, and the fifth ability is named "Peeping".
The second point is that in addition to excavating all the secrets of Yin dun branding, cross-country cultivation of Yang dun occult arts has already started.
Although it is impossible for chakra to refine his body by means of sharp gun flow, his cross-country physical fitness has improved in half a year’s penance by means of Fengshen Raytheon. It is impossible for chakra to still limit cross-country physical fitness by relying only on self-exploration and some exercise methods. If the cross-country physical fitness before is 1 o’clock,
After half a year’s penance, the cross-country physical fitness has increased by 1 point at most, which is not slow.
Third, what is the progress of cross-country in half a year’s penance?
The answer is "wind"
After liberating the power of "envy", cross-country vaguely understands the mystery of "wind"
Nowadays, even if chakra can’t cross-country in the desert, he can vaguely capture the breath of "wind" with the help of the power of liberating "jealousy". The alternative method does not make chakra’s method cast four generations of hokage perception secrets, that is, wind perception
Even if the previous cross-country is not turned on, after understanding the mystery of the "wind", cross-country can still perceive that someone has stepped into his territory without chakra.
right after
With the cross-country vision projection, the figure suddenly appeared in the desert is reflected in the cross-country sight.
What do you see at first sight when you cast your eyes off the road?
It’s a monk
Is an old monk walking barefoot in the desert!
The monk’s face looks very rough and full of wrinkles. It seems that he is about ninety years old, and his eyebrows are long. The first half is still black, but the second half is already white. It can be seen that there is nothing wrong with cross-country speculation. The monk who appeared in front of him is really an old monk.
But is it possible for an ordinary old monk to walk in the desert?
Nature is impossible!
Even if cross-country is difficult in the desert because of the loss of chakra, don’t forget that cross-country is forbearing. Even if the strong are injured, they almost lose their lives in the desert. How can you be an ordinary monk who seems ordinary and old but walks in the desert with a little wind and frost?
"Very strange!"
"This guy doesn’t have any strong breath, so I can’t even detect the chakra breath hidden in the other person’s body. Is he really not a ninja?"
"How is that possible?"
"Without ninja practice, why can he walk in the desert? Well "
"Now where I am, it should be the wind frontier, that is to say, this guy may be a Sha Ren village person? However, in the original plot, there seems to be no other strong people in Sharen Village except the old woman Hai Lao Zang, a thousand generations old woman, right? Wait a minute. This guy gives me a familiar smell. "
Secretly heart way a cross-country vaguely guessed the monk’s identity.
However, when the cross-country was not determined at all, the monk suddenly took a step in cross-country policing.
One step at a time!
It’s just a step. The monk actually walked directly in front of the cross-country and slowly opened his eyes without saying anything. The monk said a word lightly, which made the cross-country pupil slightly constricted!