Listen to Zhao dialect. Sharla Cheung’s face is reddish. How dare she say this to Zhao?


There are indeed many people in the clan who admire her, but how can they be seen by her?
Even the emperor day they she is dismissive.
"Is Sharla Cheung so beautiful how can you see them? If less is in charge of the day, the strong can be worthy of "Zhao brilliant smile hug Sharla Cheung waist and continue walking towards the former.
Sharla Cheung for a stay.
Take charge of heaven
I’m afraid there is a Lord in this world to have such strength. Even if it is as powerful as the emperor, it can be king in the stars forest.
And the Lord has been enemies of the spirit beast race since ancient times, which should be equal in spirit.
Sharla Cheung’s chest fluctuated slightly, and she was calm when she thought of Zhao’s enemy scene.
"Chief, who is this?"
Suddenly a cold sound broke the silence.
Looking up, it was a handsome man in a black robe with a hint of gloom and a bad look at Zhao.
Looking at this man, Zhao knows that this is another hell with a history of less than 100,000 years. magic dragon has a history of less than 100,000 years, and his breath is similar to that of Sharla Cheung.
But it seems that he has some interest in Sharla Cheung?
Look at his eyes look at Sharla Cheung Zhao some uncomfortable.
Although he hasn’t finished catching up with Sharla Cheung yet, in his view, Sharla Cheung is already his.
"How dare you talk to me like that?" Sharla Cheung nu sink a way.
"It’s the crack that offends you, but what is this around you?"
The man, who was called Youcrack, quickly admitted his mistake, but still stared at Zhao with wide eyes.
There is not only anger but also envy in fierce eyes.
Sharla Cheung, the head of their magic dragon clan in hell, is also the first beauty of their magic dragon clan in hell.
They both revere and adore Sharla Cheung.
For such a powerful and seductive double family patriarch, everyone will have some ideas.
Sharla Cheung, the second strongest beast of the magic dragon family in the deep crack hell, has loved women since he was a child, and he tried his best to get her one day.
When he broke through the 100,000-year-old repair, he felt that his opportunity had come and told Sharla Cheung his thoughts, but he was severely rejected, but he didn’t lose heart at all because he knew that these people didn’t get Ziji’s favor the day before.
He still has a chance, because he is also a strong magic dragon clan in Hell. When he reaches 200,000 years, after 200,000 days, his strength will be worthy of Sharla Cheung. When the time comes, magic dragon clan in Hell will inherit Sharla Cheung, and even if he doesn’t like him, he will be with him and become his woman.
But now
The goddess in his mind is so beautiful that Ziji is actually held in his arms by someone he doesn’t even know.
This made him some can’t stand the deep crack envy and angry eyes looked at Zhao couldn’t eat him alive.
"Sharla Cheung she is my woman? Do you have an opinion? " Zhao disdained to hug Sharla Cheung’s left hand and couldn’t help wandering from Sharla Cheung’s slender waist. I couldn’t wait to take Zhao instead.
Feeling the palm of Zhao’s hand, Sharla Cheung turned reddish.
But she knew that it was the crack that angered Zhao.
At this time, Sharla Cheung’s chest was slightly undulating, and she was very angry with the deep crack, so she dared to speak to the Lord. Even if she saw the Lord, she had to respectfully dare not cross the deep crack. Isn’t this gesture afraid of bringing disaster to the magic dragon family in hell?
"Just because you deserve to be a Sharla Cheung man?" Deep crack said angrily, I heard Zhao say that Sharla Cheung was his woman. Deep crack couldn’t help it. How could Sharla Cheung be his woman when she was so beautiful and powerful?
Deep crack is angry and wants to teach Zhao a lesson
But before you crack, Sharla Cheung will make the first move.
A fragrant wind floated across the purple flower, and a purple-black phantom quickly flashed to the deep crack position and slapped the deep crack.
Loud sound to crack the gloomy face suddenly had a scarlet palm print.
"I don’t know if you should put your position in the right place," Sharla Cheung said coldly.
Deep crack froze.
Touching his face where Sharla Cheung hit him, he became even angrier. His cold eyes turned scarlet.
"Did you hit me? How can he be worthy of you? " You crack mouth not outspoken said
"It seems that you haven’t recognized your identity." Sharla Cheung said coldly and shot again.
The turbulent force of heaven and earth came rushing towards her. Sharla Cheung quickly became a purple-black dragon with a length of about 130 to 40 meters. Angry Sharla Cheung quickly took a few hundred meters away from the crack.
After the crack knocked down a dozen giant trees, it stopped slowly.
At this time, the deep crack has also become a purple-black dragon, but its size is half that of Sharla Cheung, and there is no backhand force in attacking the root in Sharla Cheung.
"Bang" Zi Ji’s last beaten by a beaten dragon’s tail in the deep crack head, and the faucet was crooked. Suddenly, the breath was weak and he dared not move again.
"The Lord is my lax discipline, which offended my people. Please also ask the Lord to atone." Sharla Cheung quickly confessed to Zhao, who badly wounded you.
"You magic dragon people in hell have a lot of guts. This crack?" Zhao light way
"Please forgive him, too. He has broken through the 100,000-year catastrophe among the younger generation of magic dragon in hell. If he dies, I’m afraid there will be a fault in magic dragon in hell." Sharla Cheung’s face changed.
"That’s true, then I’ll punish you. Should you be guilty of being lax in discipline by the magic dragon clan chiefs in hell?"
"Sharla Cheung damn mainly how to punish Ziji will do."
"How can I punish you?" Zhao is a little funny.
"That won’t do" Sharla Cheung seductive qiao face a red low way.