The more she thought about it, the more strange she felt. She wanted to tell Guan Yu everything.


After getting up and getting dressed, she opened the door in a hurry.
"Madam …"
The handmaid at the door greeted her with a salute and then said respectfully, "The public said that if the lady wakes up, let the handmaiden take the lady to see the old lady …"
Yu Zhao was filled with thinking about the dream before, and suddenly he froze when he heard the words "Old Lady".
"Old … old lady …?"
The servant girl nodded. "The old lady just came back for a while, and now she is just accompanying her."
She was dazed. "But Guan Yu’s mother?"
Yu Zhao was a little surprised.
Guan Yu … never told her that he had a mother … [
And she has never seen his mother and father since she came to the sad house.
So she has been an official. Her father and mother are gone …
Suddenly, Guan Yu Niang appeared.
She’s really … totally unprepared.
She looked at her clothes and wondered if she should change before going …
Since we are seeing the old lady, we have to make it grand. Section 7: Guan Yu Niang
Now that you are seeing the old lady, you have to make it grand.
"Madam …"
The maid saw that she stood still and gently let out a cry.
Yuzhao stretched out his hand and touched his head. He just woke up and was afraid that this hair was also a mess.
"Go back to your room and change clothes first …" [
The old lady didn’t respect her at all if this gesture appeared.
Yuzhao went back to Fang Xianer, and she took out a apricot red silk dress.
Guan Yu, she bought a lot of dresses.
Most of them are apricot red
She didn’t like this gorgeous color very much.
However, Guan Yu chose these dresses for her to wear, which was not tacky at all, but was more charming than flowers.
Yu Zhao changed his clothes and asked Xian Er to comb her hair in a simple and elegant style.
She has never dressed herself up so much.
Dressed up, Xianer couldn’t help admiring, "Madam is really beautiful today …"
On weekdays, she doesn’t apply makeup.
Today, I also put on some rouge gouache, and I can see through the bronze mirror that the person in the bronze mirror is really charming.
Especially when I ordered a pear-shaped cinnabar between the eyebrows, it looked even more charming and lovely.
Yu Zhao stretched out his hand and touched his face and turned to look at Xian ‘er. "Will I be too bright like this?"
The xian son shook his head and smiled and said, "It’s very nice. The clothes chosen by the ladies and gentlemen fit me well …"
This skirt is well outlined at the waist, which shows her waist.
The long skirt makes people feel that she is a little tall at first glance.
Apricot dress accompanied by water-red silk makes her somewhat elegant in charm.
"The old lady … how a person …"
Yu Zhao stretched out his hand and touched the white tassel inserted in the bun and asked casually [
The xian son helped her to get up and meditate for a while and said slowly, "The old lady … is a standard family …"
"Madam, if you meet the old lady later, you can’t be as polite as in public … Section 8: Guan Yu Niang 3.
The xian son helped her to get up and meditate for a while and said slowly, "The old lady … is a standard family …"
"Madam, if you see the old lady later, you can’t be as polite as in public …"
You can tolerate all her bad habits, but the old lady can’t.
The old lady has been sneaking around, and if she hadn’t listened, Gong suddenly got married, fearing that she wouldn’t come back in recent years.
She doesn’t know Yu Zhao’s true identity. She is an ordinary woman and married an ordinary woman. The old lady must be very dissatisfied [
If she sees that the lady doesn’t know any manners, she’s afraid of her …
The xian son some worry with a sigh "the old lady has always been very picky about the future wife, not only pay attention to family background, virtuous and virtuous, but also consider a condition …"
I heard that Yu Zhao felt a little headache.
According to Xianer, she doesn’t fit any of them.
Even though she is actually a princess, now she is no different from ordinary people.
Yu Xianliang Shude … She is even more …
It seems that she is doomed to be unable to please the old lady …
Yu Zhao was uneasy, and she didn’t catch what Xian Er said in her ear again.
It seems that I left and soon arrived at the old lady’s room.
Before I walked in, I heard a burst of laughter inside.
"Madam …"
When the maid saw Yu Zhao at the door, she quickly bent down to salute.
There is no laughing in the room.
Yuzhaoxin also seems to have been pulled tight as soon as it was started.
Xian son she pushed open the door, she went in and smelled a faint sandalwood smell as soon as she entered.
Took a few more steps, opened a bead curtain and continued to walk inside.