I hate calling the door before, but I just put my hand on the knocker door and hit it myself.


Long hate surprised to look back at the blue ink yan.
"XuanYu go in and see" green ink yan called XuanYu come over.
Xuanyu first pushed the door and walked in.
The yard was so quiet that I couldn’t see a soul.
Chapter 242 The secret history of the palace saved or harmed people.
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The yard was quiet and there was no sign of anyone.
Xuanyu walked in and turned the screen first.
When Qing Mo Yan and others turned the screen, they suddenly found that Xuanyu was gone.
Long hate was taken aback. Green ink Yan quickly raised her hand to stop long hate from moving forward and at the same time took RuXiaoNan’s hand.
Followed by two dead men, he hurriedly lifted the gift box.
"Nobody move" green ink yan low way.
Long hate to look around. It was quiet. Even the birdsong that was often heard in the village was gone.
"Little thing" Qing Moyan pulled Ru Xiaoxiong to her side. "What do you see?"
Ru Xiaonan blinked his green cat’s eye. "There is a circle … but I can’t see where the center of the circle is."
Qing Moyan turned to look at Chang Hate. "Does the old gentleman from Changyuan understand this different technique?"
Long hate a face of nai "is the first time I came here to see him"
That is to say, there is nothing to ask her.
"Can you know where Hyun-woo has gone?" Qing mo Yan Wen ru Xiao nan
Supposedly, Xuanyu in such a courtyard can’t run away in one step, and if something happens, they can hear the sound first.
Ru Xiaonan said seriously, "There is a magic circle to close this place like a maze. I think Xuanyu should have entered the maze, and there is no sound coming out."
"Can you see those mazes?" Long hate to ask
RuXiaoNan nodded, "You hold hands and don’t let go." She took the green ink Yan and made her way forward.
They saw RuXiaoNan half body suddenly disappeared in the air image strange.
Blue ink yan couldn’t help to pull her back.
RuXiaoNan turned to him and smiled. "Don’t worry, come with me. I can see it clearly."
So the people hand in hand involved in a string to follow RuXiaoNan go forward.
Sometimes there are obstacles ahead, but Ru Xiaonan turns a blind eye to them and disappears as soon as he hits them.
Blue ink yan clutching her hand behind.
They turned for a long time and suddenly saw Xuanyu hovering in front of a piece of land.
Long hate shouted, but Xuanyu didn’t seem to hear the sample until Ruxiao Nan took them around twice again, and then Xuanyu’s eyes brightened.
"Where were you just now?"
Green ink Yan didn’t answer his question and motioned for him to follow RuXiaoNan.
They followed RuXiaoNan around, and suddenly a blue brick house appeared in front of them.
"It’s okay to be here." Ru Xiaonan pointed to the front yard and said, "There’s no magic circle here, but it’s a little strange around the courtyard wall. I haven’t seen you carefully. Don’t get too close."
Blue ink yan with all into the yard.
There is still no one in the small courtyard.
Long hate can’t help but frown low way "shaoqing how do I feel a little strange"
"What was the situation when you came to visit Mr. Changyuan?" Qing mo Yan asked
"At that time, an old housekeeper came to the door and didn’t let me in, but I could hear someone talking in the courtyard. Mr. Changyuan is over 200 years old this year. How can there be no one around him?"
Speak kung fu, they have entered the yard.
There was a faint smell of incense in the door.
"Long hate …" A strange man sounded at the door and didn’t feel old.
RuXiaoNan looked up at the blue ink yan.
They’ve all come in here. There’s no reason to go back.
They entered the door.
Seeing an old man sitting in the purlin chair, he looked at the child’s hair and crane’s face shining outside sixty years old.
RuXiaoNan secretly marveled.
She will meet a dry old man, who is unexpectedly younger than her dead grandfather.
My mind flashed that she couldn’t help shivering when she last saw her grandfather.