The sound gradually filled with sadness, pain and cold, and he remembered all kinds of unfortunate things. It seemed that once again, he saw his unfortunate born child being poisoned by Xueyimen, and the woman who loved him deeply in front of his eyes said that she loved him while killing his relatives and friends in front of him, and even picking off his muscles and muscles to die.


Ashin felt his pain as if he were a battered soul telling the past in the dark, and her tears came unconsciously.
You’re crying. I’ve forgotten how the tears wander and tremble like silky. It’s unbearable to ignore the sadness. How old are you?
I don’t know how old Ashin is almost able to answer so many questions.
Leng Qingyun heard this in astonishment, and said, "How do the white leaders raise their Baojing Palace?" Many parents don’t know when they were born, but how old is the skeleton?
He thought it might be because the Nangong sent too many younger brothers that Bai Wenling became the head of the school. According to the training method, he directly threw his younger brother into the battlefield of rivers and lakes and tore him to death. People don’t pay attention to their age. What would be considered as something worthy of attention in the Nangong school?
This cruel thing is everywhere in the world. Leng Qingyun is quite bitter. She thinks she can solve Ashin’s homesickness. The poor girl doesn’t know that there are more things to wear cassock.
So he turned to forget the years. I lived in a deep mountain for a long time. Every day, I watched floating clouds drift by. You said you wanted to live in a secluded mountain, too. When did it occur to you?
Ashin is in tears today.
Leng Qingyun’s heart is broken. I still think you are honest, a knot in one’s heart, a little cheat and a little silly. Why did you bring your hair to practice long ago? Maybe you were dissatisfied with the engagement given to you by the leader. Maybe it was the Nangong Sect who joined the army and died. Two people didn’t cross the road. I can’t say that I have to watch the door.
He said that he was not uncomfortable. After the Song and Jin Dynasties, the south was temporarily fine. The orphans in the north were all over the place. Nangong sent local orphans to send their brothers to eat for a few days. After inspiring, they sent them to the battlefield. He felt cruel and hypocritical. The Nangong sent elite brothers to the battlefield, but there were not many kinds of people stranded in the rear. Of course, this cannot accuse Bai Wenling of being a leader. Of course, they should be sent to the future for consideration.
He took a handkerchief to wipe the tears for Axin, but before his hand came to Axin, the man hurried to the side.
Leng Qingyun stared half asleep and half awake. Ashin shrank into the quilt and tried to move away from him like a restless animal in the forest.
He didn’t reflect on himself. He was too warm because they had been close together.
After thinking about it for a moment, he suddenly realized that just now I had the idea of holding Axin in my arms and burning my body. This is a sign of being hurt. Du Meimei guessed that the girl was hurt in that way and was particularly sensitive to that smell.
He’s busy gathering his mind and changing the tone of caring for the younger generation by the older generation. No one will hurt you again. Let’s go to the south and forget here.
No, I don’t want to forget that Ashin’s tone suddenly became very firm. Forget that death is death, and fate will be repeated. It can’t be worse. I want to remember.
Remember it well. You are very strong and don’t forget what happened.
I’m not a woman. He said I had no gender. He said it was a memory of a previous life.
The broken sound shocked Leng Qingyun’s mind. The memory of the previous life in front of him has not gone through the reincarnation of the ghost family. The spirit has taken its own flesh. He is eager to inject powerful magnetism into the sound. Who is he in your previous life memory?
Ashin came to complain to me. I remember clearly that he was a ghost. He said that I would wash my memory and look for blood. If I didn’t wash it, no one would suffer as a man or a woman. I am not afraid of being a woman.
Leng Qingyun responded in a low voice, not afraid, nothing to be afraid of. What did he say about no gender?
Ashinna, I’m too weak. I’m going to be strong if I attach anything to a chick.
Leng Qingyun thinks that the poor little thing is that the chick was attached to a male body in her previous life and a female body in this life. She is not reconciled to herself. She doesn’t even have a gender. The chick must have opened her mouth to be a male ghost. When she came back to the earth, she was not sarcastic. She casually sent her to look for blood and flowers to wash her memory. She ran to Meilin Inn to worship xiao yue. She was very capable. Just because she could grab 86 bodies and find a ghost, it was not simple. No wonder she was noticed by Fox. Chapter 14: Shuai Shuai Meimei, one plus one night.
Leng Qingyun didn’t confirm his past life memory until tonight. Tonight, he found that he was the same as himself, and he was better than him and remembered it clearly.
The blood flame flower didn’t stay in the wild shop. The young god decided not to interfere. For the time being, he wouldn’t be accused of being so wrong. He then marched forward in the wrong way and concluded that it was true that the little thing said that he was forced to marry by the owner and wanted to learn from the teacher.
He looked at Axin fondly and slightly unhappily. I don’t want you yet. Er, fighting is better than playing games with you. I don’t want to play games with you. Fox can’t handle it. Even you can’t handle it. It’s fox who praises me.
His lip angle evokes his image. What’s wrong with you, Miss Liu Axin?
This is low but clear. When Ashin woke up from hypnosis for the second time, he immediately found that couch was crying alone. Strangely, he was not afraid.
Leng Qingyun had a nightmare slowly. Come and have a drink. The tea in the teacup has become hot when he covers it.