Sister Mengqi, believe him. If we don’t win the championship, there won’t be any places, and Lin Dong didn’t say that we won’t lose anything if other rewards are not good. Do you think Sister Mengqi can rely on us to compete with Shen Tu? Gu Yan walked beside Gu Mengqi and whispered.


Gu Mengqi’s cheeks have some complicated sights. Guling and them knitted them for a while, and then Daolin moved his brother. We decided not to take a short rest on Wuhui Island first, and we will give you an answer before Wuhui.
But Wu Hui hasn’t given a definite answer yet. I’ll leave Lin immediately and say with smile.
Gumengqi nodded his head with a wry smile, only to feel that Lin is a tough guy. This guy really can’t get into the unfinished chapter one hundred and sixty-six.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-six The Five People’s Armed Forces Meeting is obviously a big event in this windy sea area. Therefore, in these days, more and more people are gathering against the island of Armed Forces Meeting, which is very spectacular and lively, so we can also see the appeal of these five people in the windy sea area.
However, after arriving at Wuhui Island, Lin Dong didn’t just stay quietly in the VIP room arranged by the ancient family. He quietly cultivated and condensed his body, which just soared due to the breakthrough and was slightly vain.
For him, the foreign aid ancient home is obviously also some attention. In his practice, he will not send quaint people to take care of it, and he will also let quaint people send twenty thousand Xuanyuandan, saying that it is rich to let Lin Lin practice this style.
In these sent XuanYuanDan Lin Lin, it’s not polite to come directly and refuse. Of course, his heart will not be shaken by these benefits. If the ancient family is reluctant to give him a message, he will leave quite cleanly and immediately.
And when he was in such a quiet practice, he quickly passed by and stayed five days later, and the military meeting was also quietly coming.
In the quiet room with bright light, Lin Dong sat safely with hundreds of Xuanyuandan hovering around him, and thick pure energy was accompanied by a little thin life, which was emitted and finally poured into Lin Dong’s body.
The energy of XuanYuanDan surged rapidly, but as the energy was absorbed, the gold pieces of XuanYuanDan were also a kind of amazing speed powder slowly falling from the middle.
When the last XuanYuanDan powder was used, Lin’s eyes were slightly closed, and some fine awns were slowly opened in the depths of the pupil, and then quickly scattered in shape.
And when Lin moved to practice, the door was also pushed gently, and then a little head leaned in. The girl couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief after seeing Lin moved out of practice. She immediately smiled and said, Brother Lin moved to dream and let me take you to the Chamber.
Lin’s eyebrows are slightly raised. It seems that the ancient family is going to give him an answer. I don’t know whether these guys are willing to give up the three places to him. If they still refuse, he is afraid that it is also a headache. After all, it is hard to get some opportunities to repair stone symbols. He doesn’t want to give up easily
come on
Lin got up and smiled at the quaint, and then stepped away.
Lin Dong’s eldest brother, quaint, thought about it next to Lin’s departure, and suddenly whispered that our ancient family couldn’t give you a satisfactory answer, so you just do what you want.
Lin froze and immediately smiled softly and nodded. This girl is too kind to speak from his perspective at such a time.
After a long time, the two men walked in a huge manor and stopped outside a very spacious living room. Soon, they pushed the door and moved around in an quaint way. They saw many figures in that hall. It was quite grand to see this posture.
When the door was pushed, some of them stopped talking, and then all of them turned to look at the young man who was pulling out at the gate, and his eyes were all narrowed
Lin Dong glanced at the hall without changing his face. S walked into the line of sight and swept. In this hall, I saw Guling and other ancient family elders present, but it seems that they should all be people with some status in the ancient family.
Lin’s scanning eyes finally stopped at the first place, where an old man with a brown robe was deeply immersed in his eyes, and his shirt flashed all over his body, with a rather majestic and vast force to make it slightly shocking dng.
The metaphysical realm is complete.
Lin dynamic eyes in the brown robe an old woman coagulation coagulation from after the looming breath of the earth after he can be induced to what level?
Even this strength has moved. Not the kui is a five-person, one-forest move. This brown robe is obviously the highest-ranking person here.
When Lin’s thoughts turned in his heart, his eyes suddenly turned to this brown robe. There was a white man beside him who was quite handsome. At this time, the handsome face was quite pale. Seeing its flagging breath, he was obviously seriously injured.
Lin took a look at the white man, and my heart moved to guess his identity. I think this person should be the best ancient sky among the younger generation in this ancient home.
Hehe, this should be Xiao Yan’s little friend Lin Dong, a foreign aid. When Lin Dong looked at the man with a pale white face, the first brown robe always smiled at Lin Dong-shan and laughed.
Old man, old master, old parents.
Lin moved to smell speech, but he didn’t neglect to bow at the old man politely, saying that he had seen the elder Gu Shuo.
Gu Shuo smiled and waved his hand, but his unusually great eyes slowly scanned Lin Dong for a moment before he said anything. I have heard about Lin Dong Xiaoyou, and you should also know that the number of places to enter the Honghua Tower is precious. My ancient family is particularly concerned about this. I wonder if Xiaoyou can change to another one.
Lin shook his head slightly and looked straight at Gu Shuo. I want a quota and the rest don’t need anything.
Gu Shuo frowned all around, and those ancient family members were whispering S language. Some people thought it was some dissatisfaction. After all, that quota was too precious.
Elder Gu Shuo doesn’t know how much you think your ancient family is sure to win the martial arts championship. Lin Dong smiled lightly.
Less than 20% of Gu Shuo hesitated-he actually knew the strength of the younger generation of the ancient family, not to mention that grabbing the championship would win the other three, and everyone still had a lot of risks.
If the Elder Master Gu Shuo can’t win the championship, don’t say that the two places are not even qualified to go in. Before this, we are still discussing whether to give up that place and think too much.
Lin’s remarks suddenly made some uproar in the hall, and some ancient family members were even more angry. S presumably recognized Lin’s demeaning them.
Gu Shuo frowned and immediately waved his hand to suppress the discussion in the hall. He stared at Lin Dong and slowly said that Lin Dong’s little friend’s words were not pleasant to hear, but they were true. I couldn’t win the championship. My ancient family didn’t even qualify for the Honghuang Tower, let alone any places.
Words here gushuoyin paused for a moment, and I listened to Mengqi and they said that you said you were fifty percent sure to defeat Shen Tu.
He was a fall in the hall immediately with eyes locked Lin move those eyes are mostly full of doubt.
Beside Gu Shuo, the man in white also looked up at this time. Although his breath was weak at this time, he was still able to see some good manners. His eyes were fixed on Lin Dong, and it was supposed that he would have such great confidence after it was not white. After all, it was difficult for Shen Tu to win even in its heyday.
In that many eyes staring at Lin dynamic surface S Gujing B slowly nodded.
Gu Shuo’s eyes narrowed slightly and his eyes stared at Lin Dong without saying a word. After a while, he suddenly stretched out his skinny palm and held a metal token in it.