Qin destroyed didn’t choose to sit in the middle of the white circle of vegetation, but sat in the outer circle. Whether hidden weapons Wang listened to the wind and distinguished the position or Qin destroyed the spiritual strength was enough to cope with such a small scene


In a very short time, Qin Chu just squatted in the outer circle and dug a small pit with a shovel. Although the earthworm in the outer circle drilled deeper, he pulled them up.
However, in the eyes of many teenagers, this guy is definitely a fool. He sits in the outer circle and digs hard. He actually digs three for him. So many people want to understand who is more sensitive in the circle and don’t try their luck directly in the outer circle.
In the end, they didn’t give luck to meet Qin, so they didn’t bother to meet him. He knew he had passed another one.
Compared with the last one, it’s much simpler. A crystal ball the size of three fists is placed in front of the examiner, and the examiner indicates that Qin needs to put his hand to test one by one.
The first one didn’t respond, the second one didn’t respond, and the third one still didn’t respond.
I haven’t felt anything yet. The examiner is anxious first. How can it be innate? Try again.
Qin out don’t want to let people look different hurriedly tried again, this time he quietly entered a force but immediately responded.
Oh, I told you, I must have been dazzled just now. White quarrelling told Qin Daodao through the smiling examiner.
People with different physiques will react differently when they come to this crystal ball.
The special type of blue quarrelling is suitable for remote attachment of quarrelling special occupation. Compared with the other two types of quarrelling, the archer attaches quarrelling to the arrow, and the lethality is multiplied. It is also called crimson quarrelling. It is called the best basic quarrelling type. It is suitable for melee combat with sudden increase in lethality. It is called the standard ordinary quarrelling type, and it is also called the public type. Compared with the other two types of quarrelling, the only advantage is that it has strong endurance and no other increase effect.
Anyway, Qin Miao got a nameplate symbolizing Qin Wuyuan. This nameplate is one of the monthly allowances.
Ask for recommendation and hide. You are new.
Chapter 12 Horse stepping on a swallow
Although Qin destroyed the qualification of white light quarrelling, even those assessment teachers ignored the point that he was almost the shortest connected at 3 o’clock
Qin destroyed his arms with a quarrelling nameplate in his arms. After wandering around the camp, he saw that Qin Yan Xiong Xiao Xiong hadn’t come yet. He simply went to a teahouse on the street and found a window seat.
This position is just enough to see the entrance of the exam camp, so I don’t worry that the two little guys will not find it.
Qin put out a pot of fragrant tea and just poured it and drank two sips, when he saw Diao Lang as a bear with a glowing face, Qin Yan came from his mouth.
Qin out hurriedly called two people to come over.
Qin Yan almost jumped at the sight of her brother in high spirits. Xiong Xiaoxiong followed her and still piled up with a mean smile.
Elder brother, did I get the membership or the blue quarrelling qualification? Qin Yan said with a face of excitement
Qin Xiao smiled and took his sister to sit beside him, then turned to Xiong Xiao Xiong and asked how about you?
Xiong Xiaoxiong, hey, hey, a smile is barely enough, but my quarrelling type is rare. Actually, the teacher of Xuanhuang Academy decided to give me special arrangements. Maybe I will be a blade master in the future.
It’s almost the same for you to be a big base teacher. It’s only rare to have quarrelling with the soil. It doesn’t mean that it must be very good. You have to practice hard after entering the hospital.
Being taught by Qin Yan, Xiong Xiaoxiong nodded repeatedly and did not dare to answer back.
By the way, you seem to have signed up, too. What’s the ranking? Xiong Xiaoxiong saw Qin Chu and had tea in this teahouse early in the morning. It is estimated that he failed the qualification.
Qin destroyed a smile and waved the white light quarrelling nameplate in front of Xiong Xiaoxiong.
Xiong Xiaoxiong Qin Yan was shocked at the same time.
Boss, you are too fierce, aren’t you a magician? How can you get the qualification certificate of quarrelling? Xiong Xiaoxiong cried with a face of disbelief
Brother, aren’t you going to use magic? Is it still possible for your body to turn into a cultivation of quarrelling? Don’t think that magic fighting and double cultivation will achieve one thing. Qin Yan is more worried about Qin’s choice.
Qin Xiao shrugged his shoulders and said, "You’re not so nervous, are you? I’m just trying. It’s also very important for a magician to know the fighting methods of quarrelling. In fact, it’s enough for our family to be strong enough, brother. I can choose to be a knowledgeable person rather than fighting and killing all day."
Qin Chu’s words are purely a lie to the child. He wants to know about quarrelling, but he wants to be a hand-tied chicken. This kind of nonsense is simply that Qin Yan will believe it.
But you are determined to destroy your brother when Qin Dynasty. You were really strong when you earned our chain the day before yesterday. Everyone in the courtyard is like you. The empire has long unified Cangyue mainland, right? Xiong Xiaoxiong is not stupid at all when he is facing Qin Yan honestly.
Three people came in at the door of the noodle restaurant. A man was about twenty years old, and he looked clean in vain. As soon as Plane came in, he went straight to the three people.
Who is Miss Qin Yan? I’m Liu Er, the housekeeper of Qin family. I’m looking for a Miss Qin Yan. This young man named Liu Er speaks politely and shows excellent family education.
Suddenly I met a stranger and invited Qin Yan to look nervous and turned to my brother.
Qin out looked at this young man who invited people to behave well and his eyes were clear, which didn’t seem like any bad intention.
Who knows, sitting there, Xiong Xiaoxiong suddenly made a slap on the desktop and shocked the table, bowls and chopsticks.
A straight thief is sitting here, and only one girl knows which consultant is Miss Qin Yan. Isn’t it unnecessary to take off your pants and fart? Is your master going to ask Yan to talk and let her come over and hide it? Are you afraid that our two brothers will pollute her eyes?
Xiong Xiaoxiong is a stubborn young king in the West Village, and he has a little bit of meaning for lively and lovely Qin Yan. The most important point is that this little white and delicate Xiong Xiaoxiong didn’t look right at first sight before he deliberately became fierce.
But Qin destroy didn’t think what Xiong Xiong said was wrong. What’s the point of sending a gigolo servant for questioning with my sister?
When you’re done, you can go. My brother is right. Let your master come over. Qin said without care
This willow two first stood on the spot and turned from white to red and then from red to green. Seeing that these three people really didn’t continue to take their own meaning, they took a hard look at Qin and left angrily.
Qin Yan looked at the figure of this man leaving and said softly, "Will I be all right?" He sounded as if someone in the imperial clan was looking for me. I’m afraid it’s not good for us to send him away like this.