Hundreds of blood beasts in the mountains are rampant and unstable, and they may collapse and form extremely horrible strangulation if they are slightly impacted by power. If they are unlucky, the undead spirit will fall into it, and even if they are immortal, they will end up in a serious injury field.

In addition, there are all kinds of hidden cracks in hundreds of mountains. Generally, monks are extremely difficult to detect cracks. If they have a horrible cutting force, even our heavenly kings will be destroyed.
In addition, all kinds of energy frenzy may break out at any time and place, which is also tricky. It is more difficult to resist than to have an extremely tough killing power and live in hundreds of mountains. All kinds of monsters are powerful than to attack strangely and unpredictably.
Gu Fenghua’s voice is not stupid, but it is very dignified. It is difficult for people to hide their fears when they hear it.
I know the horror of 100 thousand mountains in detail, but I’m talking about the crisis of 100 thousand mountains. Although these are difficult, we may not be able to resist if we are careful, but the biggest danger in 100 thousand mountains is not these.
Hundreds of mountains lie across the two empires and belong to a three-no-care zone. In this way, hundreds of mountains have become a paradise for fugitives from the two empires, and there are many ruthless people.
Besides, the environment of 100 thousand mountains is very strange, and some rare treasures are often born, which intensifies the most direct fuse of fugitives. If the strength of each other is equal, it is natural that once the two sides are far apart, it will be a bloody massacre in an instant, and the threats of fugitives are even more difficult to deal with.
Speaking of which, you don’t have to worry about the hundreds of mountains. Although there are many crises, we don’t have to be too nervous about the impact of the crisis on us.
But they smell speech face suddenly relaxed a lot.
Through their news, although King Xuanyuan didn’t really set foot in the blood emperor’s territory, he was still one step away. Even in the event of a crisis, the safety of rescue by King Xuanyuan was greatly increased.
Meng Fei eyes swept in GuFengHua smiled and didn’t say much.
A line to move on for a moment after the figure stopped the people looked up to the front.
The mountain road has come to an end, and 100 thousand mountains are in front of you. At the end of the darkness, there is no light, and the entrance to the ghost is awesome.
Meng Fei took a slight breath, slightly out of tune. Although calm, the morning bell and the evening drum clearly entered the ears of all people. His mood instantly recovered, and his eyes showed horror. They were trying to see that thousands of mountains were instantly taken away.
In the eyes, several people look at each other, and they are glad that if XuanYuanWang were not around, it would be unimaginable after the accident.
But at the moment, Meng Fei has taken the lead in setting foot on hundreds of mountains, and Gu Fenghua quickly followed behind, dare not hesitate at all. It is the most safe to follow the strong side in hundreds of mountains, and everyone is white at this point.
The people’s faces are still dignified, and there is no carelessness when they enter hundreds of mountains.
There is silence in the mountains of 100,000 mountains, which may not have gone deep, because there is no crisis now, but to be cautious, the progress of the party is not too fast.
In the past three days, the tension in the hearts of the people in the past was slightly relieved, and their faces were no longer dignified. They talked to each other, but at this moment, Meng Fei’s pupils were slightly lowered and he took a sip. Brother, don’t move
It suddenly occurred to me that in this quiet environment, people’s faces changed and their eyes stopped converging instantly.
Gufenghua smell speech face shua a miserable white body stiff dare not move anything.
Take a step back, three steps to the right, and then come back. Meng Fei walked somberly and slowly said.
Gufenghua swallowed and nodded slightly. According to the words, he took a step backward and then took three steps to the right. This just quickly retreated far away.
Others carefully sensed but noticed that their eyes looked at Meng Fei and felt a little indecision.
Meng Fei’s heart was slightly loose, but he didn’t say much. With a wave of his hand, his robe sleeve flashed a flash of light and swept all the people in front of him. Gu Fenghua was pale with a transient, and his eyebrows jumped straight, giving birth to a feeling of narrow escape.
See flashes across, although not paused, but in the virtual, two long and narrow gaps are exposed, one in front and the other in the back.
Hidden crack
It didn’t have any breath, and his heavenly king’s spirit sense could also detect anything. If Meng Fei hadn’t woken up at this moment, Gu Fenghua’s flesh would have been lost.
When I first entered the 100,000 mountains, I was seriously injured. There were many crises on my way. Gu Fenghua was likely to fall in the 100,000 mountains. Meng Fei’s words did not save his body, but saved his life to some extent.
Thank you, King Xuanyuan, for saving your life. Well, Gu Mou is very grateful. Gu Fenghua turned over and fell to his knees. Everything in his voice was sincere.
Meng Fei waved his hand and said, Don’t bother. We are in the same boat today. I want to protect you. These two cracks suddenly appear before and half a minute. You need to be more careful to follow the king’s side and don’t be too far away. Unexpected rescue is not possible.
Is Xuanyuan Wang Gufenghua and others disguised terms mouth and a line to move on.
This time, entering hundreds of mountains, whether they are willing or not in their hearts, is to get to the bottom of King Xuanyuan’s hand. It is difficult for the rest of the people to feel a little dissatisfied and resentful because of the big emperor’s coercion except Gu Fenghua.
But at the moment, these negative emotions are instantly reduced.
GuFenghua eyes rested on Meng Fei back eyes grateful if it weren’t for Xuanyuan Wang, he was really unimaginable today. This favor is by no means a simple thank you.
King Xuanyuan, the great emperor, has long known that although he works in the great emperor’s camp today, his position in his heart has gradually changed in recent years.