Censen, don’t panic. You see why Jiang Zan has no breath.


What CenSen suddenly turned his head when a gust of wind blew over Jiang Zan, who was standing on the other side of the battlefield, and was blown down?
Poof, Jiang Zan’s body hit the ground, and blood came from his nostrils, eyes, ears and mouth in a flash. Jiang Zan’s appearance was not injured, but he was broken after being dirty.
The second sword of the magic seal will be visited 68 times when it strikes.
Mixed Luozhou people finally defeated Guyang people and immediately cried a person. Rui Xi little jerk quickly went to hold Yuan Ye sitting in a little jerk. Little jerk immediately disappeared into the crowd with Rui Xi Yuan Ye.
The VIP table Xu Qian is still in shock. How is it possible? How could he do this?
Father’s adult, how did Yuan Ye kill Jiang Zan just now? We didn’t understand Xu Qianchang. Xu Zilong looked at his father and wondered.
Little witch Xu Ying Xu Zijing is also full of doubts.
Xu Qian shook his head. I don’t know if it was a move that perfectly combined the speed of force and attacked the terrible. It was this move that once defeated the master who had reached the peak of the saint. If you don’t guard against this move, you can almost kill two masters who are stronger than yourself. The master almost fell at that time. However, such a subtle move has no formula. It is impossible for ordinary people to even study the master. How can he be shocked?
Exquisite swordsmanship, saber method, no formula, mind method alone may not be able to find a clue for 10 thousand years, but it may be possible to get a quick understanding of the mind method routine. This is why many people rack their brains to learn from their teachers because they worship it. Yuan Yegen is not short of mind method formula, but it is much faster after Mu Qiang wakes up.
At the same time, the practice of sealing the magic thirteen swords and the second sword style is twice as powerful as before, I’m afraid. After all, the first sword of sealing the magic wounds Yuan Ye has been practiced, and the remaining eleven swords are all simple quarrelling. The thirteenth sword is based on the first twelve swords, and the first twelve swords have been practiced to seal the magic wounds and absolutely seal the terrible power of ancient trolls.
Restaurant Yuan Ye is taking care of Rui Xi’s injury and recovering rapidly. At the same time, Yuan Ye’s strength has made great progress since the first world war. Now it may be very risky for him to kill a Emperor Wu, but dealing with Wu Jun is by no means a problem.
At the same time, Yuan Ye also learned that tens of thousands of people witnessed that he defeated a prosperous Emperor Wu and also became a mixed Luozhou Baijie. These two conditions were enough for Yuan Ye to enter the Hope City.
Xiaoqiang, you have lived for so long, you must know something about Hope City. The injury is almost healed. Yuan Ye looked at the other side and asked Mu Qiang
I hope the city is in Geller Mountain, but you can’t expect me to go with you. Several flame fighters in it hate me. I have to be skinned by them if I want to go.
Go, go, don’t flatter yourself. I won’t take you if you want to go. You see, I meet both requirements. Can you give one to Xiaoxi? I can’t go in and throw her away.
Not so direct, big brother. You hurt me. new soul Muqiang looked at Yuan Ye with a depressed face. You can’t count on where Hope City is. If you want to go in, you have to do your own thing. Unless your parents are flame fighters inside, you may be able to do it.
Ye brother Rui Xi is very worried to tighten Yuan Ye’s hand.
Yuan Ye smiled gently and held Rui Xi in her arms, worrying about what fools we both can go in. It’s better if you can’t go to Hope City, I won’t throw you in.
Well, Rui Xi rubbed in Yuan Ye’s arms and stopped saying anything.
Just then, a few ringing knocks at the door. At this time, because of injury, Rui Ximujiang is in Yuan Ye’s room, but the little jerk doesn’t know where to play.
Come in. Yuan Ye should answer directly.
The restaurant waiter knocked on the door with a smile on his face. An adult named Censen outside wants to see you.
Censen doesn’t know him well. Yuan Ye looked at Muqiang Xiaoqiang in surprise. Let’s go and have a meal by the way.
Already hungry MuJiang smile nodded in agreement.
Diners on the first floor of the restaurant were dressed in gorgeous robes, and Censen stood in front of the restaurant with his hands down, and the restaurant owner bowed down and greeted them. At the same time, all the nobles greeted Censen warmly.
Censen was the first favourite to win the championship before Baijie War, and the young master who has been famous for a long time has a very high talent for uniting. People who have a little knowledge in Luozhou know that today, Baijie in Luozhou is the second most likely to enter Hope City, and the future is limitless. Today, people in such a high place visit a remote shop, but people are flattered.
Yuan Yerui, Xi Muqiang walked slowly from the guest room on the second floor to see Yuan Ye go. Censen immediately stopped everyone from going forward and bowed to the ground directly.
Thank you, sir, for saving your life the other day. I have come to thank you for atonement because I have something important to do.
Yuan Ye strangely wanted to think about it before remembering that he saved CenSen’s life on the same day. This CenSen’s body is straight and heavy, and his face looks like the kind of well-behaved and irritating. Yuan Ye actually shaved his head and left to see right to see how he felt that this type of bald head was not suitable for CenSen.
The uglier it is, the better. Otherwise, it’s not small. I’m handsome. Yuan Ye smiled smugly and immediately helped Censen to be polite.