Meng Fei took the jade book and looked through it. The name of this jade book is also called the heavens and the earth.


I remember the rules of the Xiaoyao Palace, and some situations of the Xiaoyao World. The 72nd Hall introduces some star fields around the Xiaoyao Palace than the chaotic ocean.
I also communicate with Xiaoyao World about some different introductions.
This door contains a lot of information, even if the emperor has a strong mind, I am afraid it will take months to study hard before I can remember them one by one.
It seems that the sects are all in the heavens and the earth, which can let the disciples know some basic information about the heavens and the earth. Meng Fei and others are now strong gods, and the soul is sane, and the Yuan God is stronger than the general level. Just sweep this book with a little fire.
Coming to the Xiaoyao World is not completely occupied by Xiaoyao Palace. Xiaoyao Palace occupies the surface of Xiaoyao World. There are also several layers of demons living in the depths of Xiaoyao World. Meng Fei thought to himself.
To white cliff Lin Yuxi also know these things, but Meng Fei asked them that they were mainly asking about some things at the top of Xiaoyao Palace. Besides, white cliff Lin Yuxi is a strong saint, but the deputy temple master is usually high above some younger brothers at the bottom, and things are not very clear.
Xiaoyao Palace is too big, too big, and all kinds of handyman children are brothers and sisters, brothers and elders. I don’t know how many people can manage it.
Well, killing ten monty can get a little contribution. A little contribution can get a lingxing stone. Killing a big monty can get ten lingxing stones. You can also get a corresponding contribution by picking some medicinal minerals in the domain.
Meng Fei thought about the contribution of all the worlds in his heart, but he also thought it was good. If you want enough sects to contribute, you can get what you want.
Well, when we get to Xiaoyao World, we will assign it to you, and then you can strive to win the contribution. Yang Qingqing urged us to send him to the battle.
Boom a shock
Meng Fei felt the distortion and sent it to a huge and vast world.
Send array fluctuation handed Meng Fei Yang Qingqing to Xiaoyao World.
If you don’t send an array, it will take at least one year for a strong emperor to fly from the small planet Zhaoxian Temple to Xiaoyao World, and it will definitely be ineffective in the middle.
Meng Fei, of course, knows that some practice shuttles through virtual star shuttles around the chaotic ocean in Xiaoyao World.
However, star shuttles are very dangerous and consume a lot of spiritual stones. At the same time, many star shuttles are Taoist vessels, which are easily shattered by the storm when they travel through the virtual space, and then the people among them are destroyed.
Moreover, it is generally necessary to consume a Taoist root once in the practice of shuttle.
Generally speaking, when one planet arrives at another planet, it is always a send-off. Of course, it is all set up in Xiaoyao Palace. If you want to pass, you need to pay a certain amount of Lingxing Stone.
Xiaoyao Palace has also made a lot of money by these things.
Elder martial sister Yang Qingqing, where will I be assigned this time? I heard that the biggest fat difference in Xiaoyao Palace is to guard the Pure Lingbao Hall, and Meng Fei beat about the bush to strike up a conversation during the delivery.
Yang Qingqing, who guards the Hall of Pure Soul, shook his head. This is indeed the biggest fat difference, but it is only possible that your contribution will reach a certain level after you become a younger brother.
However, you need to contribute too much. Don’t even think about it. Even if you have contributed enough, you must apply to the Pure Soul Hall every day in the sect. I don’t know how much.
Really? Contribution is just a piece of cake for me, but Meng Fei thought silently that he had just seen the Xiaoyao Palace and the universe knew that there were many ways for martial brothers to make contributions.
One of the easiest ways is to go to the alien domain to exorcise and kill demons, or to get their remains for the sects in some different degrees, or to find some special medicinal materials, which can be refined into magic pills in exchange for contributions.
Self-cultivation to kill monty by aliens in the domain can be suppressed directly if you encounter strong level.
And the contribution of a god-level monty is amazing.
Yeah, it’s too compelling.
A strong emperor can suppress God-level monty. No one will believe it, but Meng Fei didn’t want to go to God-level monty. Now he needs to drop a lot of gods if he wants to restore the list of gods.
This time, going to the alien world may be a real opportunity for him to drop a lot of gods in the monty deity list.
In addition to those powerful monty, those monty with poor strength can be exchanged for contribution. Whether Meng Fei’s strength is to wave and kill hundreds of ordinary monty is still very simple.
In this way, you can get enough contribution and then find an opportunity to go to the hall of pure spirit and take the opportunity to restore the list of gods
Moreover, he saw that he had to contribute enough to exchange some rare medicinal materials, even some fairy fragments, which were very large
Brother, I advise you not to aim too high and settle down to practice slowly after reaching Xiaoyao Palace, or you will die soon. Every year, my cousin outside Xiaoyao Palace dies millions of brothers, and even many real brothers die in the battlefield where demons fight to earn contributions.
Yang Qingqing guessed at Meng Fei’s expression that this outside brother must want to earn enough contribution and then become a younger brother. I couldn’t help but kindly advise 1.
Thank you, Senior Sister. Although Meng Fei doesn’t care, she still thinks this girl is a good person after listening to Yang Qingqing’s meaning. Maybe she can be given a little benefit in the future.
The heavens and the earth plunder resources, and it’s very kind of you to fight for it.