For two consecutive times, separated by dozens of meters, Meng Fei maser shot at the body of the black dragon king viper Langjun.
Evil animals, don’t you dare blood mountain Johnson hurriedly grabbed his hands and twisted them and wrapped them in Meng Fei. He huffed and said, "I’ll set it for you."
I can’t imprison me without a move above the avatar. Although Meng Fei was wrapped in a twisted package, the two directions, Jin Mang, were not affected by the distortion at all, and were directly killed beside the black dragon king, the snake husband.
Bad black dragon king viper Langjun, two people’s bodies have changed repeatedly, so they have to display their ability to dodge. However, this force actually sees the fighters directly shooting at their bodies.
Two people body thoroughly fried in half blown into two groups for hundreds of meters of blood fog in Fiona Fang.
In order to promote the awesome power of Meng Fei, it took a hundred years to burn half the essence. Shou Yuan decided to kill the black dragon king, poisonous snake and husband with one blow, otherwise these two people are too threatening and may hurt themselves if they don’t pay attention.
Generation is a big shot, and their potential is really terrible.
On the contrary, Meng Fei has been in existence for hundreds of thousands of years, and Shou Yuan has a long and immortal life. It is nothing to spend a hundred years.
It’s still a big business to burn Shou Yuan directly for a hundred years and urge the golden hoop to completely kill two people and get their exotic treasures.
Immortal has the laws of heaven and earth, and its mystery is combined with its mysterious power and uncanny ability. It is also a road method for Shou Yuan to urge the fairy before it has absolute strength.
However, the awesome power of the golden hoop greatly satisfied Meng Fei. The black dragon king, the poisonous snake, and the husband, two peerless geniuses, were also blown into blood fog after being hit by the golden hoop.
However, they are somehow a generation of kings. After being blown into a ball of blood fog, their bodies are violently condensed and condensed into small groups of people, so they should work hard to get together.
No part was swallowed up by my spirit, right? I’m going to swallow you alive. I’ll treat you as my spirit. Meng Fei stepped off a big handprint several times in a row and grabbed these blood fogs. Make them thoroughly refined.
Meng Fei, you want to kill us completely. It’s wishful thinking. There are two people in the blood fog. The voice is full of surprise and anger
Uber, don’t you dare to see this scene, Mountain Johnson is completely angry.
Completely angry.
He can’t let the poisonous snake Langjun and the black dragon king fall here again. In anger, he will not hesitate to consume Shou Yuan’s hands and dance wildly for a long time to kill several knife shadows.
In troubled times, I killed the blood mountain monster. This is a display of my own strength. Every knife has mobilized the source, and every knife contains unparalleled spirit.
In this way, you can see at a glance that the extinct knife mans composed of thousands of knife shadows are splitting wildly at Meng Fei.
At the same time, the blood mountain Johnson’s face is showing a decisive look. You elders will not let this escape.
I must kill this Lao. In the roar of Johnson in the Blood Mountain, those elders flew a series of Changhong rings and rings, and I don’t know what kind of law was put together to connect their vitality. Obviously, Meng Fei was completely destroyed.
Dangerous Meng Fei felt extremely dangerous in an instant.
He sensed the energy of the elders’ bodies and immediately found out that Wei Neng knew that if the blow fell on his body, his body would not be able to resist his death and would be seriously injured.
The black sword was in this critical situation, and Meng Fei didn’t resist the body. He called the black sword back in a flash, and then he used the black sword to block the fatal blow of the elders.
Even the viper, the husband, the black dragon king, has come wrong.
In the sky, the poisonous snake Langjun and the black dragon king gathered into a ball, and their flesh and blood were blown by Meng Fei and scattered everywhere. Now Meng Fei dodged and they got a breathing space and condensed immediately.
However, in this process of concise body, they are crawling with each other’s flesh and blood, and their understanding of the laws of heaven and all kinds of magical powers is known to each other
In an instant, both of them burst out laughing, and the two of them had a mastery of heaven because of such a solution.
It’s true that we have been sheltered by heaven, and in this situation, we have gained a lot of benefits. It’s almost a breath, and these two people have recovered and gained a lot of benefits. The mountain monster cast a killing trick with blood in his mind.
Good. We’ll take the opportunity to seriously hurt them again and then bargain.
So be ready to join hands
Here comes the opportunity.
The black dragon king, the poisonous snake, Langjun’s cohesive strength is about to explode. Once Meng Fei is seriously injured, he will kill him.